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An Open Letter to Modern Female Feminists

Dear feminists, I am a twenty-three year old, white, middle class, cis-gendered female, living in London. And I cannot, in all good conscience, call myself a feminist. Yes, I do believe that I should have the same rights and the … Continue reading

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Three Sketches in London

Sketches: 1. Chinatown Tucked tight in the corner, shadowed in oak, seconds ticked over as his fingers traced my neck. The skin and bones; the nerves and veins. My flesh malleable, caught in the pinch of his hunger. He found … Continue reading

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Being in the Closet(s)

Yesterday I read this excellent article by Aggie at Solopoly, about being in or coming out of the poly closet. You can read the article for yourself, but – in a nutshell – it discusses the pros and cons of … Continue reading

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News: Bad Porn, Novice Non-Monogamy, and Reading Digests

Like Damon Albarn and Alex Turner, I like to think of myself as having fingers in many different pies. Then again, I could just be Ado Annie – a girl who can’t say no. Either way, I have many projects … Continue reading

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