The Biggest Thank You: I am going to Eroticon USA!

Eroticon USAIf you follow me on twitter, you may have already spotted the big news: I am going to Eroticon USA! I managed to get myself a week off work, and two days ago I booked my flights. I am utterly over the moon and, cliché though it may be, I really couldn’t have done it without you!

Just over two months ago, I was bewailing my penniless life, wishing against wish that I even had enough money coming in to maybe, at the very least, save up and buy last minute flights. But I knew this simply would not have been possible. I saw the Summer stretching ahead, a sea of longing as I watched good friends and loved ones prepare to fly across the pond and take Eroticon to America. And then… Molly sent me a link to GoFundMe, and talked me round to at least giving it a try. What did I have to lose?

At first I was sure the page would sit there, unvisited, for months, and never come to anything. There was a flurry of small donations at the beginning, and then things went quiet, and I envisioned refunding the money and crawling into bed to mourn the trip that would not be.

But that’s not what happened! It took me a few days to muster the courage to really promote my fund, and then… over the course of just two short months I received approximately £750 in donations! And what I noticed about these donations is that they were all from friends, and fellow artists; people I adore; people I interact with on a daily basis. People from within this wonderful community I have become a part of. These were not anonymous donations from readers I had never spoken to; these were loving gifts from friends who honestly wanted me to have this experience. And – excuse the gushing – as the donations added up, I felt my heart fill with love and gratitude.

And so I would like to say a huge thank you to Tonya, Plumptious Pea, Ben Gatewood, Remittance Girl, my darling guardian angel, and all the other people who donated (but kept their names private, and whom I have thanked privately as well). I also want to thank everyone who promoted my GoFundMe page, retweeted my tweets, and expressed their support; particularly Molly, Michael, and Ruby. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you all for helping me turn what, just a few months, was no more than a dream, into a reality.

Two months ago I barely let myself believe that I would ever be writing this post, and as I do, I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.

I promise to keep you all updated as I plan my trip, and to tell you all my tales from Atlanta when I’m back. Words cannot express how happy I am to have such wonderful friends and to be part of such an incredible group of people, and I will be thinking of you all as my plane takes off in October and carries me across the sea.

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8 Responses to The Biggest Thank You: I am going to Eroticon USA!

  1. Squeaky says:

    :D :D :D
    Fucking. Brilliant!
    So happy for you, darling girl. Have a wonderful, inspired and inspiring time.

  2. Hyacinth says:

    Oh wow! Congratulations! Just today I was considering asking for “sponsorships” to get me to Atlanta, but I feel terrible for asking! I really, *really* want to go, but my current financial situation means I’d never be able to do it.

    I don’t know if I’ll have the balls to do it (what if no one donates?!), but I am extremely happy for you that you did!

    • Harper Eliot says:

      A few months ago I never would have considered it; it just felt like begging for luxuries. But this experience has taught me that the people who donate seem to be friends who want you to have this luxury; who want to see you happy and want to be a part of that. I don’t think you have anything to lose; if people donate – wonderful! and if not, you can very quietly make it disappear. Also! I found that once the first few hundred pounds had been donated, I just automatically started thinking of other ways I could raise the rest if no one else donated… I’d highly suggest giving it a try. And it would be lovely to meet you!

  3. Brigit Delaney says:

    Daddy and I are very much considering attending this event! It’s a bit far from us…but we might be able to get a direct flight. I have never been, but the way people rave about it, it must be something else!

    It would sure be a kick to see people in person that I interact with from afar.

    • Harper Eliot says:

      Oh! you should definitely come if you can; it’s a wonderful experience just to be in the same room as people you speak to every day; to be part of that community is life-affirming. And that’s before you even consider the benefit of the various sessions etc!

  4. Scarlett DuBois says:

    I had visited that site as well, contemplating doing the same so that I could go. I’m strongly thinking about it now that it worked for you. Congrats on going to Eroticon USA! xxx

    • Harper Eliot says:

      I was skeptical, but now I highly recommend it! And the more people at Eroticon USA, the better it will be. You’ve nothing to lose and an awesome day to gain.

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