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Why What I Write is Not Erotica

A few weeks ago I submitted my story ‘For a Few Dollars More’ to Ether Books. The story tells of a young prostitute’s interactions with two very different customers, and deals with a very intense non-consensual scenario. Filling out my … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Beautiful Losers’ (Remittance Girl)

Being, as Molly Moore put it, “a fully paid up member of the Remittance Girl fan-club” I was excited from the moment I heard that there would be another of her novels in the world come December 2012. But when … Continue reading

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Prosa Sparse: On Rebirth

In Venice, in 1505, a man named Pietro Bembo published a collection of prose and poetry on the (supposed) importance of neo-platonic love, called Gli Asolani. From what I’ve been told, this collection placed a great emphasis on the grand … Continue reading

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Subverting Early English Poetics

Having been dry, for months, on both style and content, as you may have gleaned, I haven’t been writing creatively. Aside from a week of National Novel Writing Month – which I stopped when I realised I was less interested … Continue reading

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Voice and the Author

After last week’s article on identity and pseudonyms I have been giving a lot of thought to the reasons sex writers so often hide behind fake identities. When it comes to sex bloggers – who I defined as those who … Continue reading

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