Being, as I am, a great lover of evolution and change – particularly in artistic endeavours – it is no surprise that as soon as I bought my mind flooded with the possibilities of starting afresh with new eyes and new views. Only slightly put out by the fact that this is the only WordPress theme that appeals to me, I persevered and while the differences may seem slight to you, there is a whole new world to be found in the subtle details of (It Girl. Rag Doll).

But, before I launch into the wee novelties, I shall give Lady Grinning Soul the respect of a few sentences. As I explained before the move, changing my pseudonym to Harper Eliot is no reflection on my love for Lady Grinning Soul. The name served me well for over three years and in many ways I do still feel like her. However, as stated above, I also love to evolve and grow, and whilst Lady Grinning Soul will always be the foundation of my time as a writer of erotic fiction, Harper Eliot is the future, and she holds open more doors for me.

Without pointing out the very obvious to my much loved readers, there are just a few little things concerning changes here at (It Girl. Rag Doll) that I feel it is important for me to put down in writing.

First and foremost, will remain up and running until late August, although the content will be much edited; what you can find there is simply a collection of links and podcasts.

Meanwhile, over here at (It Girl. Rag Doll) I intend to heavily edit my archives. I know many bloggers feel differently, but I consider my site to be a work of art, rather than a record of my own life. Not always a great work of art, of course, but art nonetheless. The beauty of being a writer is that I am afforded the opportunity to go back and edit my art as and when I wish to. Thus, any stories or pieces which I feel do not live up to my standards will be taken down. However, nothing will be completely deleted; therefore, if anyone finds themselves seeking a piece which is not here, feel free to email me on [email protected] and I will consider your request to re-publish it.

Finally, a note on podcasts: the reason I am leaving my podcasts up on is that they will not be migrating over here (at least for the foreseeable future). The new URL affords me the opportunity to register a new podcast and start afresh and I would like to do this. Along those lines, the podcast itself is going to take on a new form; I will commit to podcasting on a regular basis – perhaps once a month – and filling the episodes with a variety of different segments. More to come on this soon…

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