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Becks and Her Kinks

Photo courtesy of Beck and Her Kinks

Welcome to e[lust] - The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #44? Start with the newly updated rules, come back March 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates! Continue reading

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Answer Time: the curious state of submission

IMG_7783There are times when I meet people – generally face-to-face – and the conversation somehow comes round to the fact that I am submissive, and being me, I brush it off casually, without really getting into the ins and outs of how my submission works. I don’t brush it off casually because I am ashamed of being submissive: I’m not. I brush it off casually because all in all, I am not that comfortable talking about myself unprompted. Continue reading

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How To Get Robbed In The Borough Of Croydon

Snatch TheftAs you may, or may not, know, I have a Tumblr blog titled I Heart Alle. The Alle in question is, of course, Miss Alle Connell. Between writing the excellent Hello Alle Dot Com – a blog I feel perfectly balances a sensible approach to life with a love and acceptance of girlieness, which is beginning to rub off on me – she was also able to give me some extremely valuable advice last year, when things were not so wonderful for me. And so I somewhat off-handedly, but ardently titled my Tumblr blog in homage to her. Continue reading

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Terms of Fatness

Me, Christmas 2010Yesterday Remittance Girl wrote a magnificent piece titled Now That I’m Fat. There is plenty I could say about this piece, but I am in almost complete agreement, and reiterating what she said seems like a waste of my and your time. So please just go and read her article. However, there is one aspect which RG seemed to touch upon, but which I would like to talk about in a little more depth. Her piece opens with this paragraph: Continue reading

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Sex Bytes: A New Day, a New Title

SexBytesButtonAs many of you may know, Molly recently took over from Lilly as the editor of e[lust]. With only a couple of months break, e[lust] #43 is almost ready to post, and I for one am excited at the prospect of having this useful and supportive endeavour back up and running.

Along with the rebirth of e[lust] comes a new feature: Sex Bytes, a site which offers bloggers a way to share their own work and the work of others more immediately, between the main e[lust] issues.

To give you some idea of how it will work, the Sex Bytes description reads: Continue reading

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The ‘Just Write’ Principle

blockOne of the best things about being part of a community of writers – even if it is just on twitter – is the feedback and the tips you receive from your fellow writers. Anything from an idea for an article to a thorough critique on a long piece of fiction, we all need the eyes of others from time to time. However, it is also poignant to remember that no two writers work in exactly the same way. Over the past few months I was really struggling to write. Either I had an idea that did not translate to the page, or I felt the desperate urge to write and had no topic – and it was one of those spaces where I could not muster passion for other people’s ideas, kindly as they may have been offered. Which brings me to the “just write” principle. Continue reading

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A Taste of Molly at Sh!

rapefield7wmOn Friday night I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Molly’s exhibition A Taste of Molly, at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in Hoxton. As a good friend of the woman herself, I was thrilled to be able to go and support her and her work.

Although most of the photographs in the exhibition have been up on her site it really is a very different experience to look at them printed and framed. And, in fact, I was lucky enough to spend a little time amongst all the mounting equipment and the glass polishing during the run up to the exhibition, and just the difference between seeing them being prepared and looking at them hung on the walls at Sh! was exciting. Continue reading

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Eroticon 2013 Meet’n'Greet etc.

Eroticon 2013Name: Harper Eliot (Stella B. in the real world)

Twitter ID: @HarperEliot

Must attend Eroticon 2013 session: Gosh – there are quite a few! but one I’m particularly looking forward to is Polyamory 101 with Lori Smith and Amanda Jones.

Bloggers you’d like to be trapped in a lift with: How big is this lift? Lori Smith, Zoe Margolis, Remittance Girl, and Molly Moore. (Assuming Miss Kiddell would be present over the intercom, seeings as this is her event.)

Erotic writer you’d like to dramatize your life story: Oh! Remittance Girl. Undoubtedly. Continue reading

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