Protected Fiction

After a few months at the beginnng of 2013, running (It Girl. Rag Doll) as a purely non-fiction website, I have decided that in order to motivate myself, promote my work, and engage in reader-writer discussion, I need to make some of my fiction available online.

Fiction is now available on (It Girl. Rag Doll) as protected posts.

As I make this decision I would like to post a warning, and reiterate this particular section of my manifesto, which addresses content:

[…] I do not shy away from tackling subjects of a subversive, transgressive or taboo nature in my fiction; the darker side of humanity deserves it’s voice as well. Therefore I do ask that visitors use their best judgement when deciding to read […] the content [here].

On that note I feel compelled to point out that the fiction I write is just that: fiction. I do not support, defend, or partake in any of the serious, illegal practices that might be explored in my work or the work of those I promote, particularly where a lack of consent is concerned. Whilst I fight to defend the right of consenting adults to explore their sexuality in any way they wish, I condemn completely any non-consensual sexual activity and exploitation. There is a world of difference between this kind of activity in real life, and what is explored in fiction. Again, please use your best judgement when deciding whether to read […] my work.

With that in mind, I will endeavour to provide more specific warnings for individual pieces as well.

If you would like the password in order to read the fiction here, please request it by emailing me on harper (at) itgirlragdoll dot com.

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