Harper Eliot

IMG_4856Most people are not writing novels which is why there is so little frustration and sadness in the world.
- Lemony Snicket

Harper Eliot is a writer, editor, podcaster, musician, actor, director and photographer, whose work mainly centers around eroticism and social observation. She is currently studying English Literature at the University of London with an emphasis on etymology, Old English, Middle English, and the evolution of the novel.

Harper’s story And the Midnight Trio has been published by Sweetmeats Press in their anthology, Strummed; she has been published in the Eroticon 2012 anthology of micro fiction, Dirty thoughts from the back of the room; and also publishes short fiction as an Ether Books author. She writes the weekly Life on the Swingset blog, The Novice Non-Monogamist, about her own experiences in non-monogamous relationships. With Molly Moore she hosts the (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast, and she is one half of the Bad Porn Club podcast with Mister Gryphon. She has worked as a voiceover artist and can be heard reading Tourist by Remittance Girl and The Chalet from Kojo Black’s Sun Strokes. Her own work has been featured on Sonic Erotica and The Save Rubyyy Jones Hour, and she has read with and had her work performed by Filthy Mouths and Evil Tongues. She is a volunteer with the Write Sex Right conference, Eroticon, with whom, in March 2013, she organised and ran the evening reading event, Aural Sex. A prolific reader, she is the editor of e[lust]‘s Sex Bytes, and runs The Reading Press, a twitter based initiative that highlights the best erotic art available online. She has also completed National Novel Writing Month three times, but feels happier writing shorter fiction.

If she’s not writing, producing theatre, singing, or studying, Harper can usually be found grinning at the back of the bus, plugged into some podcast or another. Her vices include: cigarettes, lubricant, Earl Grey tea, twitter, opera, nail polish, and pinwheels.

A salacious, solitary soul, and aspiring polymath, Harper lives, works and studies in London, England.

If you would like to get in touch with Harper, please do so via email on harper (at) itgirlragdoll dot com, or you can follow her on twitter as @HarperEliot.

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