The Cheshire Cat

WARNING: this story contains themes of violent non-consent and a suggestion of underage sex and bestiality. Please use your best judgement when deciding whether to read on.

With apologies to Lewis Carroll.

• • • • •

For my Cheshire Cat

Picking through the prickles the girl in blue wondered how one might call a creature like him. To suck through her teeth and imitate birds seemed far too condescending for a beast that big; and then of course, with his wry wit in the air, Alice felt fairly certain the trick would be lost on him anyway. Then of course, it wasn’t so much that she longed for his company, but rather, not knowing where he was made her uneasy. Still she moved on, pushing the brambles aside and gasping at the prick of them, tracing light lines of ripped skin over her flesh. Emerging from the hedgerow she fell forwards and heard a disturbing rip. Instinctively, in her girlish self-awareness, she twisted her spine to inspect the back of her dress, holding the material up in her hands, and frowned down at the large rip the brambles had left in the otherwise pristine blue silk.

In her head a procession of disapproving aunts, her disappointed mother, her ridiculing sisters, looked down at her and she grew smaller and smaller. She sighed and sat down on the ground, rolling eyes at her own carelessness.

“Tut tut,” clicked his smooth voice, hovering beside her. She jumped, as his grin appeared, followed by his face, his mischievous eyes, his sandy hair, his shoulders, arms, all appearing until he sat, cross-legged to her right. “That’s a terrible rip. Little girls should be more careful.”

She blinked and straightened her skirt, attempting to hide the petticoat beneath the ripped silk. He laughed. “Nothing I haven’t seen before. I used to drink milk under the table when the Duchess invited her sisters to tea.”

“You’re disgusting,” Alice said suddenly. The words burst from between her crimson lips and she clapped her hand over her mouth, a blush spreading swiftly across her face.

He grinned and leaned in closer, purring against her neck. “But of course, little girl.” His rough tongue rasped along her jawline and she felt his vicious nails scratch across her shoulders. She was grateful for the silk, protecting her porcelain skin, but grew ever more aware of how flimsy it was, as he dug deeper. Alice jumped and tried to slip away, but the tip of his claw caught on her sleeve and she remained where she was, nervous of creating any more rips.

“Please let me go,” Alice implored.

He just grinned. “Where would you like to go?”

“I have to go home. I’ll be late.”

He slipped in and out of her presence, just letting his teeth remain, and curled around her body, cradling her back against his chest. “Oh, but I’d miss you so.”

“But,” Alice felt the fear of being restricted catch in her throat. “But please; I really do have to go home.”

Nibbling at her neck again, he conceded. “Give me a kiss first.”

She frowned. “A kiss?”

Curling tightly around her, he placed his grinning teeth, in his smiling face, before her, pouting slightly. “A kiss.”

“A kiss. For my freedom?”

He chuckled. “If you like.”

Alice pursed her lips and placed her hands on her knees, leaning forward, perfectly poised, eager to get it over with. Grinning lasciviously, he edged closer, placing his soft lips over hers. He began slowly, and his tenderness took Alice by surprise. She forgot to hate it as he licked her lips and sought her tongue. She was far too curious to pull away, but when he slipped his teeth against her, she jumped again and saw his eyes, large and lazy.

Tracing one claw along her jawline, he chuckled again. “How very pretty little girl; I think I’ll keep you.”

Alice trembled. “But you promised I could go…”

He was still smiling, looking her up and down. “I made no promises. I want to taste more of you.”

With one deft hand he slipped the ribbon of her apron from her waist and held the white garment before her, teasingly. Alice dared not move, watching his movements closely as he curled behind her again and, holding her wrists together, bound her hands at her back.

Alice bit her lip and tried to subdue the tears that welled in her big blue eyes. “Please…”

Ignoring her he purred into her ear, “I’m going to play with you a while.”

His weight pressed against her back as he slunk against her, pushing her forward until her face was against the cool grass and she felt her dress rise behind her. A tear slipped from her eye into the earth. His claw caught on her dress at the nape of her neck. Alice held her breath. A rip tore into the silence as he severed her dress, from her neck to her waist, and pushed it from her shoulders, forwards, leaving the white expanse of her back naked to his eyes and claws.

Alice felt whiskers tickle her skin and was wracked with sobs of fear. “Oh, little girl, don’t cry. You can stand much more than you think you can.”

His claw returned to the nape of her neck and drew down again, ripping once more but this time into her flesh. A red ribbon blossomed along her spine and she whimpered in pain. She imagined him sitting behind her, watching the blood burst from the wound. His rough tongue caught one, two, three droplets and he purred once more, at the taste of her.

Her blood inflamed his lust and the fur on the back of his neck stood up as he prepared, waited, hunted his prey.

And then he pounced, his full weight on Alice’s back, pressing her down. She screamed and kicked, her survival instinct forcing her to fight back, but he was stronger as his sharp teeth sunk into her shoulder, claws ripping at her back, line after line of blood tracing the shape of her. His attack was vicious, possessive, full of an owner’s purpose. He wanted the scars to mark her as his victim.

Alice wept and screamed, begging for him to stop, for him to let her go. But he pressed on, slicing her body in colours and shapes that he liked.

“You are my little plaything.”

Licking her salty wounds, he raised her skirt, easily ripping away the white material of her undergarments until her pink cunt lay open to him.

Slipping his hands around her throat, he slid up against her body, pushing his hardness between her thighs, as he tightened his grip on her, choking her as he filled her.

Alice sputtered, kicked, screamed. “Please! No no! Please let me go. PLEASE! Don’t. Please! Stop stop stop. Please.”

But he simply fucked her and held her neck between his powerful palms, his fingers digging into her throat, silencing her. He was rough, hissing and growling into her ear, grunting as he forced his cock deeper and deeper, taking what he wanted, her blood smeared across her back and soaked into the fur that covered his chest.

Finally, one hand tight around her throat, his cock as deep as possible inside his prey, he slipped his other hand into her hair and pulled her head to the side and back, forcing her to meet his gaze as he groaned and coated her womb with his come.

Alice trembled on the grass as he withdrew and began licking his paws. She shook and cried, letting the ground soak up her fear and her blood. When he deemed himself clean, he looked down at her tiny, broken body and scooped her up into his arms.

“My little fucktoy,” He purred as he made off with her, into the forest.

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30 Responses to The Cheshire Cat

  1. Miss Feisty says:

    I wasn’t sure this would be for me after reading the warning but wow. Fucking WOW. You have an incredible talent, both with words and for turning me the fuck on. I’m going to read it again now. :)

    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      Haha, this seems to be a post that begs re-reading! I like that. Thank you so much.

  2. Newswriter22 says:

    Quite frankly, the warning only intrigued me more. Once again, your ability to create such powerful imagery through your words is truly remarkable. In fact, you may have truly outdone yourself on this one.
    Now it could be simply the themes in this story appeal to me, but it is more than that I think. What I think you have done, what you always do, is write in a way that anyone can relate to, whatever their particular kink might be. You do draw people in with your writing (OK, your personality too, but that is an entirely different matter) and that is a gift that cannot be overstated.
    Thank you for sharing. I do believe I am going to read it over again several times. Purely for educational purposes of course. ; )

    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      I so adore your comments. I can’t say how much appreciate your support; and I’m so glad you enjoy my writing so much. It fills me with warmth. (And other, less wholesome feelings.)

    • Carly says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who was drawn into the story right away just from the disclaimer!

  3. Lusciously_Lou says:

    I am never sure what to write as a comment on your blog. As Miss Feisty said, I often wonder if the subjects you cover are ‘for me’ .. but more often than not, I feel myself being turned on and my knickers moistening and I guess that sometimes it scares me… for a short while, until I realise that if it works, it works.

    Your writing is so eloquent and makes me really think about my own feelings and desires and I think that is a GREAT measure for a blog. LONG may you continue to help me further delve into my psyche and dig out the dormant desires lurking within me.

    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      Thank you so much for the comment. If it eases your mind at all, a lot of what I write doesn’t turn me on WHILE I’m writing it – although it is often based on previous fantasies, etc. – AND my main drive is definitely not to arouse people. What I really like is to provoke thought, and that is clearly something that this kind of literature does for you! So you are absolutely my target audience; erotic and thoughtful.

  4. The Lustful Literate says:


  5. Louise Broadbent says:

    Great writing. You had me from the disclaimer.

  6. ladypandorah says:

    Not quite sure what it says about me, but reading the trigger warning only drew me in more invitingly…

    Your writing here is luxurious and haunting, I’m beginning to become quite an admirer of your dark tales having at first been wary of them. The voice of your Cheshire Cat is simply dripping with honeyed malevolence!

    LP x

    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      I’m becoming wary of my ability to sway people to my darker thoughts! Hehe, thank you so much.

  7. Man_in_Chains says:

    Absolutely deliciously debauched. Felt a very familiar throb and an even more primal growl grow in my throat. I love reading this. I’ve read it so many times. I am grinning *that* grin.

    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      I think Alice and the Cheshire Cat should have more adventures… don’t you?

  8. Aisling Weaver says:

    (at last commenting ;) )

    I’ve been amused with your twitter timeline and your reference to your Cheshire cat, so when you tweeted this link yesterday I made sure to read it.

    It’s always interesting to see how we weave things to make them easier to manage, easier to imagine. The Cheshire cat’s paws with claws that torture and slice become hands with palms and fingers to hold Alice while he fucks her. The slip from cat to man and back happens in those descriptive moments done so well and so deftly.

    Well done, LGS, also, in the delivering of Cheshire’s very distinct manner, in his casual cruelty, his amusement for amusement’s sake, his disturbing ways. What better character to be a sadist than a cat, and the Cheshire cat at that?


    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      Oh that made me grin like… well, you know…

      Thank you so much. It’s strange, writing it in a way that moves from animal to man wasn’t intended as a way to make it more manageable, but I’m really pleased it has that effect. It’s simply written that way because I needed the essence of Carroll’s character with the essence of MY Cheshire Cat. (I can’t remember how he earned that name either… I’ll have to ask him.)

      Thank you again!

  9. ximenawrites says:

    Oh, Alice.

    I didn’t know the Cat is so…feral. I now see him as very much so a male as opposed to a sexless, mouthy charlatan.

  10. Mia says:

    Oh my I LOVE it!!!
    Thank you for this wonderful story.
    Mia x

  11. Yes, THAT Tonya (@TisforTMI) says:

    I can’t believe I denied myself the pleasure of reading this sooner! Note to self: ALWAYS make time to read the words of my favorite, beloved, dark little girl!!! I’ve just realized the thing I love about you most is your wicked darkness, for it calls to my own. Every time you’ve written something that I think is my favorite, you write something else and then I am torn. Of course, I know that I need not pick just one. I can love them all. :)

    I wholeheartedly echo every comment above. Very well done, darling. I love it. <3

    • Harper Eliot says:

      Oh you sure know how to make a dark, twisted, likes-to-make-everyone-uncomfortable little girl blush and smile. I feel warm inside. Thank you! x

  12. Fatal says:

    Oh, wow. I just stumbled upon this story and I have to say, it is HOT. I often fantasize about such situations within Wonderland, have even written one or two. Very happy to see someone else who feels me on this! Excellent post. xoxo

  13. Penny says:

    The blend of Alice’s girlish innocence and the sadistic Chesire Cat’s attack in this story is both thrilling and frightening. You’ve done an excellent job at building the characters’ relationship from the very beginning, when Alice thinks that “to suck through her teeth and imitate birds seemed far too condescending for a beast that big.” The way you express Alice’s fear combined with occasional hints of arousal is brilliant. Amazing job and congrats on the top pick for e[lust]; I’m not surprised!


    • Harper Eliot says:

      Thank you so much! I love comments like this: genuine and insightful. Makes me a very happy writer.

  14. theo black says:

    So strange and erotic. Like a strange dream, as I’m sure you know. You’re doing something uniqe here.

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