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Erotic Fiction Without Sexual Arousal: Attempting the Impossible

Sex sells. There are no two ways about it. It’s why Bond girls adorn the opening credits in, at most, skintight catsuits. It’s why Sophie Dahl caused such a stir posing for YSL (above). It’s (at least in part) why … Continue reading

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Education is an issue for sex writers too.

Erotic artists and sex bloggers are often joined by the same issues. Whether it be feminism, sexual freedom, censorship, Fifty Shades of Grey or Republican politicians who seem to think they have a right to say what American women should … Continue reading

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EM-CA Mixed Media Meet in review

Scuttling down Wardour Street, through the rain, under my torn, leopard print umbrella, on a grey Saturday afternoon, I found my way to the beautiful – and delicious – Le Pain Quotidien for the EM-CA Mixed Media Meet. A regular … Continue reading

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Safe Words and Responsible Authorship

The first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is rarely quoted in full. We often hear: All human beings are born free and equal (in dignity and rights). This opening line is, of course, extremely important. The question … Continue reading

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Voice and the Author

After last week’s article on identity and pseudonyms I have been giving a lot of thought to the reasons sex writers so often hide behind fake identities. When it comes to sex bloggers – who I defined as those who … Continue reading

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