EM-CA Mixed Media Meet in review

Scuttling down Wardour Street, through the rain, under my torn, leopard print umbrella, on a grey Saturday afternoon, I found my way to the beautiful – and delicious – Le Pain Quotidien for the EM-CA Mixed Media Meet. A regular (for almost a year now!) at the Creative Networking Nights, this was my first EM-CA event that didn’t involve dimmed lights and gay bar staff, and while I love the thriving, party-like atmosphere of the socials, it was really lovely to settle around a table with six other erotic creatives, to discuss technique, inspiration and strategy.

Where the Creative Networking Nights provide a wonderful opportunity to make friends and exchange business cards, due to the social atmosphere it can be hard to get into serious discussion about art and about the industry we are working within. On Saturday (25th August), in a more conversation-friendly setting, the seven of us – a mixture of photographers, artists, writers, and even a fine woodworker – were able to talk, in depth, about a range of different subjects including marketing strategies, adult content warnings and the difference between erotica and pornography. Coming away, with a page of notes and some interesting connections, I felt both inspired and more aware of what it means to work in the erotic industry.

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