February ’12 Erotic Meet Soho Social

On Friday (3rd February) night I attended my third Erotic Meet Soho Social at The Green Carnation on Greek Street. Whilst all the Meets I’ve attended so far have had the same basic structure – meet and greet, performance, socialise with drinks and cigarettes – they have all, so far, come with their own specific added spice. At the first one I attended, in October, we descended downstairs for the last part of the evening, which sparked a lot of fantastic conversation. In December, with Christmas cheer and alcoholic spirits, we danced the night away. And this time? The Green Carnation accidentally scheduled a birthday party – Dave’s birthday party in case you wanted to know – on the same night as out social. As a result we found ourselves all squeezed into dark corners, our voices muffled behind loud music which, as I’m sure you can imagine, presented it’s own delightful advantages.

But I’m getting ahead of myself!

The first part of the evening was fabulous, as usual, catching up with the usual filthy crowd, meeting new faces – including the inspiring Uncle Monty, sweetness incarnate Innocent Lover Boy, and the long legged bombshell that is Rose (of Sex with Rose) – and preparing for the evening’s performances. I was also titillated to see the Sex Toys UK memorabilia scattered around in it’s oh so nonchalant fashion.

The entertainment was an open mic hour hosted by the Dragon King’s Daughter with Filthy Mouths and Evil Tongues. Other readers included Liz N. Spire, Meg Philips, Sarah Berry, Annie Player, Molly (of Molly’s Daily Kiss), Jilly Boyd, Innocent Lover Boy, Dom Signs (reading the work of Honey Flick), and yours truly (reading The Bookshop). The readings were all brilliant, and great fun to watch. I found myself pleasantly surprised in many cases by the light hearted atmosphere of many of the pieces. And despite finding it quite exhausting to be the final (but one) reader, I enjoyed getting up onstage very much indeed. Great fun, and excellent exposure. And, on top of that, I’ve been asked to read with them again in March. So I must have done something right!

Afterwards, as I mentioned, we found ourselves squeezed into dark corners, where our hands did some squeezing, and, dateless for the evening, I happily cosied up with some people who are fast becoming those I consider very close friends. Between these warm moments I found myself flashing my stamped cleavage at the bartender – for happy hour G&Ts – and destroying New Year’s Resolutions by tempting former smokers outside with my tobacco.

As usual, and all in all, an excellent evening. Only thing missing was a warm bodied man to take home and exert the evening’s pent-up desire upon.

I came, I read, I corrupted. (Though not necessarily in that order.)

• • • • •

I won’t be there in March (I’ll be at Eroticon) so you’ll have to fly solo. But be there on the first Friday of April, bitches, and we’ll party hard. All night long.

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