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Over the past three years I have built up quite an extensive archive, which I am immensely proud of. For its contents of course, but also for the discipline it displays. My endeavour (as Lady Grinning Soul and then) as Harper Eliot is by no means my first or only foray into the world of blogging, but it is the place which has flourished to become so much more than it may have first appeared to be, thanks, in no small part, to my readers and fellow writers.

Perusing my archives I realised that to a newcomer, or even a regular reader, the volume of content might have begun to seem a little daunting. Whilst I try to categorise everything so that it can be found easily, I understand that you, as readers, cannot always be sure of finding what you’re looking for. And I’m afraid I can’t tell you which of my pieces will capture your specific interest.

I can, however, give you a few recommendations. I considered creating a page that linked to my most commented on pieces, or my most viewed pieces, but in the end I didn’t feel it quite displayed the full extent of my abilities as a writer. So I have decided on this rather less humble approach. Consider this the director’s cut; it may not be perfect, but it displays my blog in the way I always intended it to.

Pieces are in chronological writing order.

Erotic Writing
The HostShort erotic fiction. A young girl finds herself fascinated with her new landlord and housemate, an older, reseved, serious friend of her family.

She dwells under the desk - Erotic poetry. Considering the potential of an under-the-desk office assistant.

blood/lustTwo part erotic fiction. A bad night out turns into a potentially deadly situation when a girl stumbles across a mysterious stranger.

The Seven Deadly SinsA seven-part collection of erotic fiction. Seven separate stories, considering each sin with an unwaveringly sinister eye.

ThespianShort erotic fiction. A submissive girl finds herself at the mercy of a thespian leading a weekend seminar.

The First MateThree part erotic fiction. The first mate on board a small sailing yacht is rough, dirty, inconsiderate and deprived of sexual intimacy when an eager young girl comes on board.

The MinotaurErotic poetry. A new twist on the Greek myth of the minotaur in the labyrinth.

Twenty/Fifty-Three - Short erotic fiction. A young girl gives a piece of her virginity to a much older man.

NovãculaShort erotic fiction. A man shaves his girlfriend’s cunt.

Outward Facing TreadmillsShort erotic fiction. Transgressive. In which a girl living in a post-apocalyptic world attempts to fight off a group of ravenous zombies.

CruorShort erotic fiction. A man catches his girlfriend about to shower away the evidence of her menstrual cycle, and stops her.

SlitShort erotic fiction. A BDSM scene between a well established couple.

As Is Custom and As Is Custom: a Second HouseholdTwo pieces of erotic fiction. In a parallel world it is the job of the village reverend to take a girl’s virginity.

The Cheshire CatShort erotic fiction. A twist on Lewis Carroll, in which his grin is not the only sinister thing about the Cheshire Cat.

Teddy TeddyShort erotic fiction. What a little girl and her teddy bear do at night is not always innocent.

Sluts, WalkingAn article on SlutWalk.

Age Play, Paedophilia, and the Cultural Sexualisation of ChildrenAn article in response to criticism of FuckToyFriday and about our oxymoronic approach to paedophilia and children.

The (Female) Phenomenon of Emotional MasochismAn article on the trend amongst women of taking on the views of film and literary characters when dealing with relationships.

Love, Love Me Do: Five Reasons You Should Comment on BlogsOn the importance and benefits of commenting on blogs.

Voice and the AuthorAn article on the problems inherent in confusing narrative voice with authorial voice.

Harper Eliot’s Guide to Surviving Drop AloneAn article about drop, and advice on how to handle it (if your partner is not present).

Erotic Fiction Without Sexual Arousal: Attempting the ImpossibleAn article on how erotic fiction is promoted, read, and critiqued, and the problems therein.

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