The stage creaked theatrically as he paced the boards, gesturing widely, speaking to the knowledge-hungry attendees of his workshop in a clear, friendly tone. In the front row, legs neatly crossed, expression thoughtful, she tapped her pencil absentmindedly on her notepad and watched him closely, as she had been for the past two days. From the moment she laid eyes on him her head was full of fantasies, squirming in wet knickers in the dim auditorium as her student-trained hand jotted down points of importance. She suspected that he was once thinner than he was now, but his broad shoulders seemed well balanced above his generous waist. She was no good at guessing ages, but looking him over, – six feet from the thick, grey-specked, brown hair on his head to the Converse All Stars he wore – the grooves of smiling wrinkles on his face put him somewhere between thirty-five and forty-five, ten to twenty years her senior. That certainly didn’t deter her; if anything it pushed her forwards.

Wetting her lips she glanced down at her notepad and smiled at the almost undecipherable scrawl her pencil had left on the page. Looking up she met his scanning eyes for a second and shivered in her seat. It was warm for London in April and she had opted for a tee shirt dress and leggings, knowing that a drama workshop would undoubtedly include a fair amount of movement. Nevertheless, she was confident, knowing she wore the colours well and that her ever-smiling face was pretty enough to draw men in on it’s own.

The first time he got up on the stage it hadn’t taken her long to spot the gold ring on his left hand, but what did it matter? She wasn’t planning to pursue her young desires, she was simply enjoying the way they manifested in her libidinous mind. In any case, she didn’t have permission to play away. Nevertheless, images of his broad palmed hands on her shoulders and hips floated past her dreaming eyes. She watched him flick his wrist up to glance at his watch.

“We’ll come back to this later, but for now please go and enjoy your lunch break. Thank you!” He smiled and there was a smattering of grateful applause from the auditorium, as he retreated from the lights, into the shadow of the audience.

Pulling her bag onto her shoulder, she walked towards him and introduced herself politely. Earlier in the day he had asked if anyone might be willing to offer their notes from the weekend so that they could be shared on the company’s website. She presented him with her brimming notepad and he raised his eyebrows, clearly impressed. For herself, she was glad to have his attention away from her face, allowing her full access to scan his toned, male body up close. The way his arms – dusted with dark hair – flexed, the glint of his eyes behind discreet, stylish glasses, the confident stance of his wide legs all made her tremble with delight, fueling her fantasies. She tugged at her dress, allowing the neckline down a little, displaying one side of her collar, hoping he might see it. She told herself she wasn’t flirting, that it simply excited her to show men that she was sexually open and owned, but in her heart of hearts, she hoped he would take it as an invitation.

Glancing back up at her, he noticed the leather strip around her slender neck and she thought she saw a glimmer of pleasure in his eyes. But it was soon gone as he passed the notepad back to her.

“That would be great.” He smiled, his eyes glancing to her collar and back again. “Here,” He dragged his eyes away from the lithe young girl before him and dug in his bulging wallet for his card, letting their fingers brush momentarily as he handed it to her. “Email them to me and I’ll put them up in the next week or so. Giving you credit of course.”

They smiled thanks and parted ways for lunch. She had long forgotten the packed lunch in her bag and rushed to the bathroom. She briefly caught sight of her flushed cheeks in the mirror as she closed the stall at the end of the row and let her bag slide to the floor. It had been quite some time since she had been so overcome with lust and the feeling was coursing, pleasingly, through her body. Leaning against the door she felt it give slightly under her panting weight and imagined his broad chest behind her, catching her as his hands moved round her body, holding her breast, raising the nipple with his deft thumb, his other hand pulling her dress up and pushing inside her damp panties.

Legs parted, hands spread over her body, she bit her lip to hide her masturbatory activities from her fellow workshop attendees, letting no more than a whimper or two escape her flushed lips. Her fingertips skidded over the impossibly wet flesh of her clit and, pinching her nipple firmly, she pushed herself forwards, to orgasm. Twisting her fingers around the material she forced the gusset of her knickers into her gasping cunt as she came in fits, soaking the fabric, firmly held in place by her shaking hand.

Breathing heavily she remained in her stall for a few moments, slowly, teasingly pulling the soaked fabric of her knickers out of her still-pulsing pussy. She smiled, leaning her head back as she felt the tender caress of the fibres in her sensitive sex. Finally, calming her heated frame, she straightened her clothes and walked confidently out of the stall, catching sight of herself once more, still flushed, but glowing, eyes bright.
The rest of the lunch hour passed uneventfully over cigarettes and dreamy thoughts, but every now and then she would be reminded by the thrill of her cool, damp panties between her thighs, and smile secretly to herself.
Returning to the workshop, she found her way to her next session. It was a speech class, taking place in a dusty brown room, hosted by an old man who, himself, could barely speak above a whisper. She felt every inch of desire disappear from her suddenly cold body as she took her place on the hard wooden bench and reluctantly pulled the notepad from her bag, settling into her usual, comfortable cross-legged position.

The little old man scanned his list, calling out the names of everyone in the room as though they were back at school. She rolled her eyes as she heard her name and raised her arm lazily. The little old man seemed content as he set the list down and leant forwards, resting his hands unsteadily on his decrepit knees. He began to talk in a low, muffled voice, mumbling along about the principles of clear speech on stage. She felt her body yawn.
Suddenly the old man’s eyes were on her, sharp and surprisingly piercing and she felt her spine straighten in her seat.

“You,” He pointed one bony finger in her direction. “Go and get us some music stands so we can go over this speech.”

He waved a wad of paper at her and she felt strangely compelled to follow his orders, without question. Rising to her feet, she smiled quietly and slipped out of the room, leaving her bag under her chair. Out in the hall she took a deep breath of dustless air and looked around, realising that she had no idea where to look for stands. She glanced in one direction and then the other before deciding to head downstairs to reception. She walked quickly, not wanting to slow the class of such a cutting old man. Head down she let her mind wander as her feet paced the hallways. Turning the corner, at the top of the stairs she ran, head first, into the illustrious object of her bathroom desires. She gasped and he caught her, laughing casually.

“Are you okay?”

Catching her breath she looked up at him with relief. “Yes; sorry.”

“Not at all,” His speech slowed as he recognised her, and once again she saw his eyes glance to the collar, partially visible above her neckline. One beat. He stepped back and nodded. “Can I help you with something?”
She felt her impulses kick in and was about to shake her head, not wanting to bother him, but she stopped herself. “Actually, yeah. Mr… um…” She gestured wordlessly in the direction of the room she had just come from.

“Thomas,” He smiled.

“Yes, him; he asked if I could get some music stands, but I have no idea where they are.” She shrugged, rolling her eyes comedically.

He smiled again and tilted his head. “Come with me.”

He strode down the hallway, and she followed closely, trying to keep up, finding she had to take two steps for each of his strides. She was a little dizzy; from the surprise of bumping into him? She wasn’t certain, but she allowed her eyes to travel over his back as he walked ahead of her, leading them to a small walk-in cupboard at the end of the hallway.

“Here,” He said, opening the door and flicking the light on.

She nodded thanks and stepped inside, immediately spotting the music stands, stacked precariously at the back of the flourescently lit store cupboard. To her surprise she felt the hairs on the back of her neck bristle as he stepped in behind her. She had expected him to leave her to it, and yet here he was, his body inches from hers, pushing her further into the cupboard. She heard the door click closed and suddenly felt him hook one finger under the leather of her collar, pulling her back against him.

“Are you owned?” He asked. His voice was different, lower, almost a growl, rough from the back of his throat as he spoke.


She heard him moan, deep in his body, moving against her. “Do you have permission to play, slut?”

She stalled for a moment, moving her feet backwards.

“Yes.” She felt the lie rise from her lips like smoke and fill the room.

He groaned and placed one hand on her hip, turning her around to look at him. His face was different; all the laughter was gone, his expression full of commanding lust as his eyes ran over her body, making her shudder.
“Take off your dress,” He commanded, and she felt her hands automatically move to follow his order, pulling the dress over her head in one smooth movement and letting it fall to the floor. He looked down his strong nose, taking in the white skinned curve of her heaving breasts. Pulling her to him, he put his hand over her pouting mouth and she could feel his cock against her stomach, pressing through his jeans. She breathed warmly into his palm, her cunt heated again.

“Not a sound. You will do as I tell you little girl.” He told her, voice stern. She nodded minutely under his hand. “Good. Remove your leggings.”

He released her and she quickly slipped them down her legs, stepping out of them with her shoes and socks. Straightening up, his hand was immediately on her throat, pulling her close again. “Such an eager little slut,” He purred, soaking her panties with another wave of desire.

Hand still on her throat, above the leather collar, he forced her down, to her knees in front of him, on the polyester carpet of the cupboard. She watched, eyes alive with excitement as he unzipped his jeans and released his hard, generous cock. Fingers lacing through her hair he pulled her head closer, his fingertips against her scalp. In his other hand he wielded his heated erection, pressing it firmly into the soft flesh of her cheek. She moaned lightly and he slapped his cock against her face.

“What did I say? Not a sound!” His eyes were fiery, thrilling, high above her.

She obediently pressed her lips together, feeling his dick burn against her flushed cheek as he rubbed himself on her face. She suppressed another moan as his fingers pulled her closer, forcing her nose into the curls of pubic hair around the base of his cock. She could smell the power of his body in his sweat and breathed it in deeply, reveling in the sensations attacking her senses. Roughly, he tugged her head back and slapped her face, hard, leaving a red handprint on her cheek.

“Open your fucking mouth, whore.”

Parting her lips she found her mouth instantaneously filled by the throbbing heat of his cock as he forced it deep inside. The sudden invasion made her gag, but he just pushed on, until the tip hit the back of her throat, further, and then her nose was pressed once more into his dark hairs. He groaned, high above her as he let her feel the pulse of him in her throat. Before she could grow too accustomed to the feeling, he pulled back and thrust in deep again, fucking her eager, wet mouth, delighting in the sight of her youthful lips around his rock hard cock.
His rhythm was hard and fast, but controlled and calculated. This was a man who knew what he liked and was used to getting it.

She took him deeper into her throat, tilting her head back to accommodate his throbbing dick. She embraced this invasion, all her temperate fantasies overshadowed by the masterful reality. Her cunt was slick with heated desire and as he fucked faster, harder, she felt him pulse and was almost brought to tears by the idea that he might come in her mouth and leave her other sex unused. As her eyes welled, reacting to both the emotions of being used and left unsatisfied – as she had been so many times before – and the forceful thrusts into her unsuited mouth, this orifice that contorted itself so willing to adore and worship his cock, but which was, sadly, not made-for-purpose.

As the thoughts rushed through her head, and she readied herself for the warm, delicious climax of his lust, he suddenly pulled her mouth from his erection and dragged her to her feet. Looking down, panting, she could see her saliva and his precum glisten on his visibly pulsing cock.

Turning her again he pushed her forwards and she caught herself, holding onto a shelf, watching her knuckles turn white as he smoothed his hand over her cotton-clad rear. She smiled to herself, feeling him pull her panties tight, up into the cleft of her ass, exposing the flesh of her firm buttocks on either side, ripe for punishment. She heard the air as he brought his palm down, hard, on her eager skin. It burned like the heated need she had felt all day. He rubbed the red mark and slid his fingers down between her thighs, feeling the wetness pulsing under her soaked knickers.

“You’re dripping, slut,” He growled, pulling her panties tighter between the lips of her cunt, and caressing her pink ass with his stinging slaps, again and again, spanking her hard and fast until her skin burned under his gaze. All the while, she bit her lip, every ounce of her strength focused on suppressing the moans of pleasure that threatened to escape.

Running his calloused hand over her smooth, seared skin, he purred approval. “Good girl.”

She shivered at the words and felt another wave of wet want seep into the fabric of her panties, just before his fingers tugged beneath, pulling them aside to expose the glistening hole of her cunt. He ran his hand over her, cupping between her thighs possessively, and she knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in this moment, now, here, every inch of her quivering flesh belonged to him. He kicked her legs apart and bent her lower until her clenching pussy was level with his slick cock. And then, in one smooth movement, he pushed his hips forward and filled her, fuller than she had ever felt. She moaned with desire and received a swift slap on the tender skin of her burning ass.

“Quiet,” He ordered as he began to fuck her, steadily, letting her feel every part of his cock move in and out of her wanton sex.

Leaning across her back, one hand steadying himself against the shelf, the other on her hip, holding her in place, he fucked her hard. It was carnal, his grunts in her ear, his heated breaths coarse on her neck. Within seconds she wanted to come, wanted to soak the length of his powerful cock.

Feeling the indication of her ensuing orgasm he gripped her hip firmly, leaving a purple bruise that would remain for weeks afterwards. “Don’t you fucking dare,” He hissed. “Don’t you fucking dare come without my permission.”

She shuddered and bit her lip again, holding back the orgasm, clenching tighter around him. Standing up he placed both hands on her hips, marking them symmetrically and driving into her with more force, taking her cunt, making it as his, pulling back and pushing the full length of his dick into her with each thrust. She was panting, sweat glistening over the smooth expanse of her back as she desperately staid her mounting desire. But even as she held back she could feel his erection pulsing stronger, harder, hotter inside her, his grunts following one another fast and eager. He furiously fucked her until her head was swimming, dizzy, her arms aching as she held herself against the shelf, breath short. Pushing deep, hard, firm, he held himself still inside her.
“Come for me slut, fucking come.”

She felt his words envelope her body in cold command and she shuddered one last time, her cunt squeezing his cock, trying to force him out as he held inside her, and she came, panting, moaning pure, lustful satisfaction. Her cunt bore the pleasure that swept through her trembling body, making her gasp with intensity. Still she bit her lip, holding back the spoken exclamations that threatened to pour from her ever-grateful mouth. And then, pushing impossibly deep she felt him pulse once and fill her with his white-hot seed. It covered the inside of her hungry cunt and still-pulsing, she milked the cum from his pleasured cock.
He held her there, forcing her to know every second of his cock growing soft inside her, until finally he slipped out and she felt two tiny trails of white cum seep down her inner thighs, marking her. Fucked ragged, she collapsed against the shelf.

“Such a good little slut.”

• • • • •

She collapsed onto her bed, arms flung wide, staring up at the ceiling, still wearing the smile that had spread across her lips in the cupboard. With a shuddering sigh she closed her eyes and remembered the smell of him, the rough shivering air he had breathed across her skin. Reaching into the pocket of her bag she pulled out his card and looked it over, drinking in the square printed letters of his name as her other hand travelled down to push the cum that still seeped out, back inside her well-used cunt.

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