Erotic Meet Competition: First Time

During my break from blogging I have, between many projects, been seeking new forms of art and new mediums to explore. Until today I hadn’t experimented much with audio. I have experience singing and podcasting, but have never really dabbled with editing, beyond making my podcasts sound cleaner.

Browsing the Erotic Meet website I came across the July/August 2012 Competition and immediately began to feel my creative cogs move. Shortly afterwards I noticed that the competition closes tonight at midnight and dismissed the idea. Definitely not enough time. Besides which, I’m not photographing myself anymore, and I have plenty of writing projects on the go to keep my fingers tapping, and the topic – First Time – seemed like something I’d be hard pressed to work within. What haven’t I done?

However, I felt inspired and wanted to do something fun, and began to think about audio editing.

It didn’t take long for me to find a sultry, dark, despairing piece of piano music in the public domain and before I knew it I was searching my archives for a piece of poetry or erotic fiction that I could record over the music and play around with a bit.

Laughing, wholeheartedly, at the melodrama of what I was creating, I giggled between takes, but mostly managed to maintain the utter desperation of the piece.

I think it’s hysterical, but perhaps it’s haunting. Either way, it’s my first time truly using my editing software. And it’s melodramatic as fuck.

So here you go, a reading of I Do Not Lust For Difficulty, over Fantastic Dim Bar by Kevin McLeod. I doubt this is what he had in mind for it..


listen to ‘First Time’ on Audioboo

If you would like to vote for my entry in the First Time Competition, please click and go to the voting form

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10 Responses to Erotic Meet Competition: First Time

  1. Molly says:

    This is quite frankly AMAZING! I say enthralled throughout the whole piece, the sobbing made my nipples go hard…. was that the kind of reaction you were hoping for?


    • Harper Eliot says:

      My my! Thank you Molly. I have to, say despite the fact that it makes me laugh, I quite like it too. I may have to do a few more of these soundscapes.

      And who knows what reaction I was hoping for? Any reaction is exciting.

  2. Squeaky says:

    I was utterly spellbound from beginning to end. Gotta listen again…and again…
    It made my soul salivate, as before a feast. Please make more. Pretty please.

    • Harper Eliot says:

      I’ll see what I can do! Pretty much inspired by the music, so I suppose I’ll have to go and search the public domain for more inspiration.

      Thank you!

  3. Annie Player says:

    It is haunting… and enthralling. I was literally sat just staring at the screen, like a stunned animal. Brilliant! -x- (& Good Luck!)

    • Harper Eliot says:

      Thank you! You know I almost forgot about the competition side of it being a competition, haha. But it was really fun to do.

  4. Nobilis Reed says:

    Marvelous. Simply marvelous. I think my (relative) lack of estrogen keeps me from finding much eroticism in sobbing, but it did move me.

    • Harper Eliot says:

      Ooh, interesting. Was that a lack of eroticism, or a lack of arousal? This piece seems, to me, to deal with eroticism, but it’s certainly not written (or recorded) to arouse.

      Thank you! So glad you like it.

  5. Yes, THAT Tonya (@TisforTMI) says:

    I feel I can only echo exactly what everyone has said above. This is simply magnificent. I love it entirely. So many different layers. The music is perfect. I can’t stop listening to it. :)

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