Fantasy Pride Day

This piece was written as part of Fantasy Pride Day, which is being hosted by Remittance Girl in order to help people celebrate and enjoy their fantasies, without shame. As it happens, I have several different non-consent fantasies that I could have written for Fantasy Pride Day, and this one is, perhaps, a bit of a cop-out for me. Suffice to say, my mind can grow far darker, and often does… but I’m just not ready to write that. Yet.

WARNING: this piece contains themes of non-consent. Please use your best judgement in deciding whether to read on.

• • • • •

The lecture hall was empty but for the two of them, staring evenly at one another, he at the front, standing in black before the shining, clean white board, she in the centre of the seating.

“Come here.” He spoke in a low, warning voice that made the breath tremble in her throat. Sliding from her seat she picked up the leather satchel her Father had given her, and stepped slowly down to the front, the tiny heels of her mary-janes clicking on the hardwood floor. Reaching the first row of seats, she paused, looking up at him on the platform, leaning casually on the podium.

“I said come here,” He repeated, pointing to the ground up on the raised part of the floor.

Holding her breath tense, to maintain her composure, she stepped carefully up onto the platform and walked slowly to stand in the place he had indicated.

“You know you’re already struggling, and this is how you choose to behave?”

She watched a nerve twitch in his jawline and quickly returned her gaze to his piercing blue eyes, feeling them scald her skin. She opened her mouth to speak but could not find the words.

“Yes? What?” He pressed her.

She shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Suddenly she felt a burning sting course across her cheek, the impact pushing her head to the right. It took her a moment to realise that he had slapped her, but turning outraged eyes back to him, she held her cheek carefully.

“You can’t do that!” She blurted out.

“You sit in my lectures, rolling your eyes, and disrupting the people around you with your pointless chatting, and when I ask you to explain yourself, the best you can do is ‘I don’t know’? It’s not good enough.”

“What do you want me to say?” She gasped, her cheek still pulsing.

“I don’t want you to say anything, little girl.”

The words “little girl” hung in the air between them. They had been spoken with the voice of lechery. This was not a comment intended to only belittle. The atmosphere had changed.

The colour rushed from her skin, even her smarting cheek growing pale. She spoke, barely  above a whisper. “What?”

“Raise your skirt.” His tone was completely even; not a hint of sarcasm or playfulness.

Her body began to tremble and she shook her head violently, stepping backwards automatically, and half turning to run. His hand shot out and grabbed her by the sensitive part of her upper arm, pressing his fingers into her tender flesh. She whimpered, flashing scared eyes at his stern, unmoving expression. Holding her there, almost rag doll-limp in his grasp and hissed the words, low and quiet.

“I said ‘raise your skirt’.”

Out of fear, she reached down to pull at the cotton, but, so afraid, her hands trembled and she could not even grasp the allusive hem of her knee-length skirt. A sneer passed across his lips and he stretched his large hand to easily snatch at the material, pulling it up around her waist and exposing the tight fabric of her white cotton panties. Dragging his perverse gaze from her pale face, he leaned back just a little to look, carefully, at the outline of her cunt in her innocent underwear.

“What is a grown-up girl like you doing wearing such childish underwear? Clearly I was right to call you ‘little girl’,” He smiled, a filthy smile the likes of which she had only seen on the face of lecherous characters in gritty films.

Feeling this brief, disconnected familiarity, she found her voice. “Stop it! Please let me go. I… I’m sorry. Please! I can’t do this.”

He raised one eyebrow. “You don’t have to do anything; and you don’t have a choice in the matter.”

“Please!” She begged. “Why are you doing this?”

He snorted laughter and dragged her to the podium. “Bend over and place your hands and elbows on the surface.”

Still trembling with fear, she followed his orders, shaken by his firm grasp. As she stood there, his large, rough hands ripped the cotton panties from her body, and she heard them tear as they cut, painfully, into her hips. A moment later she heard the flop of the material hitting the floor.

He groaned deeply behind her and ran his hands over the flesh of her ass.

It was too much; the forced intimacy, the humiliation, the fear, the disgust, she stood up, spinning around to face him, and raising her hand to punch him. It landed on his shoulder and rocked him for a moment, just long enough for her to dash from the platform and start towards the door of the hall. But in just three long strides he had caught up with her, and the two of them fell, hard, on to the floor. She gasped, winded, and felt tears of tension spill from between her eyelids.

“You filthy, disgusting, cruel little slut. I’m trying to teach you a lesson, and all you can think of is escape?” He was growling into her ear. “This could have been easy for you.”

He felt her sobbing beneath him, and his cock pressed, harder, into her ass as he lay on top of her. Sliding his body just a little to the left, he used one arm to pin her to the floor, whilst his other hand pulled at her skirt again, exposing the white curves of her ass. Faster than she could think his palm was coming down again and again on her flesh, spanking her as she writhed, tearful, beneath him. Her skin grew slowly crimson beneath his blows and her tears pooled on the floor beneath her chin.

Suddenly the spanking stopped and she was left gasping for air, pinned to the floor, her ass bright red and burning before him. He groaned again at the sight of her, and used his hands to part her buttocks and expose the sweet, pink pucker of her anus. He leant in, and spat directly onto the hole, then closing the cheeks between his palms and spreading them again to watch his saliva slide over the shape of her. He watched it run down between her thighs and disappear between the lips of her cunt.

“On all fours,” He barked, pulling her head back by her hair. She yelped and dragged herself off the floor, shaking on her unstable arms and legs.

He laughed and pressed her head back down against the floor, crushing her cheek into the hardwood. Placing his knee on the back of her neck, he was able to lean over her body and, spreading the lips of her cunt, look between the flushed petals there. She could feel his hot breath on her sex and shivered more, her body shaking uncontrollably as he looked into her, so exposed, so controlled.

He moved again, releasing the pressure from her neck and allowing her to shift in her discomfort, as he placed himself behind her. She heard the squeak of his zip being undone, and the snap of his underwear as he pulled it down. Moments later she found herself impaled on his cock, and pushed forwards by the sudden force. She wasn’t wet, and as he forced himself inside her, she felt his glistening cock grate against the fear-dry inside of her cunt.

She screamed.

And he rocked himself, back and forth, inside her, pulsing between her thighs, and taking her so completely. He was rough, merciless, panting and grunting above her body as he fucked her. As he raped her.

Feeling him push and hold himself inside her, she began to lose consciousness, and heard him groan as she fell limp upon the floor, being held up by his rough hands on her slight waist.

She didn’t awake again until he withdrew from her raw, well-fucked cunt and she become conscious at the feel of his dick pressing against the pucker of her ass. She whimpered, feeling broken on the floor, unable to do anything but let him rape her. And now he was pushing, forceful and steady, inside her tight, forbidden hole. Feeling the head of his cock burst through the tight ring of her ass, he slid inside smoothly, delighting in the sound of her pained cries, and began to pound her virgin opening. She bit her lip until it bled, dripping into the tears, and he continued to use her body for his own ends. She grunted in pain, wishing that it would end.

As her consciousness returned she began to systematically tighten her hole around his intrusive dick, hoping to milk the come from him. Sure enough she felt his hand clasp her hip, tense and strong, as he groaned and struggled to hold back his pleasure.

“Fuck…” He muttered under his breath, growling.

And then she felt his balls swell against her flushed labia, and, forcing herself to press back against him, let him explode inside her, using every thrust to shoot yet more and more white come into her violated opening. Finally he collapsed on top of her, pushing her flat against the floor as his cock slowly softened and slipped from her asshole. She clenched her jaw, shivering with rage, hoping it was done now. He’d come; what more could be want?

Raising himself from her body, she made to get up, but he stopped her. “Hands and knees.”

Crying, she did as she was told.

“Spread your legs,” He placed a possessive hand over her sex. “Time for your second spanking.”

His palm slapped against her cunt, and she was drawn back into the action, left to be raped and used until he was finished…

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  1. remittance girl says:

    *turns fan on*

    Whoah. I can’t think of anything at all intelligent to say. That was just smoking hot. Brava. Thanks for participating in Fantasy Pride Day

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