For a Few Dollars More


Sally raises her left eyebrow. “Don’t you have a Saturday job?”

Tim shuffles his feet, scuffing his worn converse on the edge of the tarmac. “Yeah, but…” He looks at her. It amazes her that no matter how tall, how confident in the rest of their lives, they always look like scared little boys when they meet her behind the science block.

“But what? Don’t you think I’m worth more than that?” She clasps her hands before her, hunching her shoulders to accent her full, curved cleavage.

Tim clears his throat. “Jack said you only charged him £20.”

“Jack’s Dad died.”

Sometimes the boys work up a bit of confidence, as they speak. She likes it best when they do. “You got your tits out for him because his Dad died?”

Putting her hands on her hips, Sally returns his stare evenly. “It was the least I could do.”

There is, of course, a fundamental problem with being a naturally submissive slut who has to hold her own as she whores out her body. But Tim’s request, which had been presented bashfully as he blushed and spoke barely above a whisper, most certainly put him in control.

Truth be told, Sally thinks as she stands before him, I would do this for nothing if I fancied you. “£60.”

He gasps, more out of annoyance than shock. “That’s more than half a day’s pay.”

She shrugs. “Maybe you should save up then.”

“£50?” He offers weakly.

Biting her lip, Sally steps a little closer, leaning up to half-whisper the words into his ear. “Good looking boys like you with picture perfect girlfriends don’t meet me for nothing. I’m willing to bet you’re not just here for the thrill; it must be something your lady won’t do for you; something that eats you up inside because you want it so much. And it’s really not a big deal to me. But I think it’s a very big deal to you. And worth more than £50. In fact, I think £60 is a deal. Don’t you?”

Tim’s dick is hard in his gym shorts, and the sight of it makes Sally feels all-too-confident for a high school whore.

“£60,” Tim concedes.

Sally holds out her smiling fingers and takes his hard earned cash, slipping the crumpled notes into her top. She sees the change in his eyes, the realisation that he’s paid her; for the next few minutes, within the parameters of what he requested, Sally is his property.

“Turn around,” He orders, slipping his left hand into his shorts.

Sally turns and looks over her shoulder, watching the shape of his hand deftly curl, under the fabric, around his erection.

“Show me your arse.”

Sally grins. Sally puts her hands behind her back. Sally raises the grey, pleated skirt of her school uniform. Sally is wearing tight little white cotton knickers.

The cotton knickers aren’t for the schoolboys, who seem to aspire to lacy lingerie and suspender belts but are content with what they’re given. The white cotton knickers are for older men who fetishise her school uniform and like to see their come ruin the pristine white fabric.

Still, Tim groans a little at the sight, his hand moving a little more firmly around his cock.

“Do you want to show me your dick?”

It doesn’t take much encouragement; Tim pulls his cock out. It’s longer than Sally had imagined it, but not very thick. Tim gestures with his free hand. “Panties around your knees, then bend over and put your hands on the wall.”

Pushing her underwear down her thighs, Sally bends at the waist and places her hands shoulder width apart on the rough brickwork of the science block. She tries to spread her legs a little but is limited by the knickers stretched between her bare knees, her socks just an inch below, neatly pulled up over her shins.

Sally hears Tim approach her, and smiles as she feels his hand stroke across her buttocks. He slaps one cheek playfully and then squeezes it firmly, making her yelp. This wasn’t agreed, but she likes it.

Sally can hear the slick sound of Tim’s fist around his wet dick as he jerks off.



Tim lubricates his right index finger, sucking it into his wet mouth, before he slips it between her buttocks and pushes his eager digit into Sally’s anus.

Sally sucks in her breath.

He grunts; he gasps; he groans; and within seconds Tim shoots his hot, white spunk all over her smooth, curved arse.

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4 Responses to For a Few Dollars More

  1. steveh11 says:

    Oh, Sally. The things I missed out on through going to an all-boys’ school. ;-)

  2. JM says:

    This is fantastic! It really takes me back to when I was in high school, and while I was never in this situation, I did hear the rumours! I do love the way you tell the story though, its that good it could be absolute verbatim!

    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      Wow! Thank you! I loved writing this and am so glad it’s getting a good response. Thank you so much.

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