Guest Post: Abused

Written by my Guardian Angel, who, as it turns out, is quite the switch. I thought it might be refreshing for my readers to read something written in a dynamic I seem incapable of creating myself. Enjoy.

I arrive home to find the house in semi-darkness – a few candles around the place throwing flickering, yellow light across the walls.

You’re dressed in one of my white work shirts, the top buttons open to allow me a view of your pale, soft cleavage, nothing underneath but bare legs and feet. You look elfin, dwarfed by the shirt but beautiful, as though you were always meant to wear it.

The cares of my day melt – a long drive home and I’d looked forward to a long, relaxing bath but now, seeing you like this, my thoughts turn to more active pastimes.

“You look great” I say, “How’s your day been?”

“Boring” You say, “But I have a plan for you…”

Without another word you lead me upstairs. Dusky light shines from the windows and outside an orange new moon is rising, large and balloon like above the darkening rooftops. Autumn has cast a chill across the world but inside it is warm and comforting.

“Stand still. Hands by your sides. Look into my eyes.” You stand me in the middle of the bedroom floor and start to undress me. You begin with the belt from my suit trousers, pulling it snake-like from my waist, toying with its length and the way the smooth Italian leather feels in your fingers. I know your mind is racing with possibilities; I can see you imagining this in ways far beyond its intended function.  You sling it over my head, keeping hold of both ends and I feel you pull me towards you, the friction of the leather against the back of my neck…


And you offer me your lips, eyes never leaving mine as you drag me further towards you making the kiss less of an option than an obligation.

You taste of red wine, a faint, evocative pang of claret with the merest hint of alcohol. I could kiss you forever and as the sensation of our lips, tongues and bodies connecting sinks in I can sense the thrill of anticipation begin to become apparent in my body.  The first tiny wave of tingling between my legs, the lust starting to build…

Discarding the belt you unzip my flies, unbuttoning the waistband and watching as my trousers fall to the floor. You step back for a moment to look at me and for a moment we are dressed identically; white, pressed cotton shirts and nothing else.  You undo mine and with each button I sense a hunger growing in you as your fingers seem to work ever more urgently – the last button is practically ripped open and as you toss the shirt to one side your other hand pulls down my boxers and takes my hardening dick in its grasp, gently squeezing immediately causing me to grow harder….

“Onto the bed, just lie there for me.”

I oblige, lying on my back watching as you circle me, a bird of prey or scavenging beast inspecting a carcass that it will soon be eating. The look in your eyes seems to turn me from a thinking, sensitive, human being to just so much flesh – flesh to be devoured, consumed, used, abused….


The belt again, dangled across my chest, the loose end running softly across my nipples making them buzz with anticipation. Again and again you allow the belt to etch shapes on my chest and the soft, tickling contact with my skin arouses me more than you realise. You turn the belt around and allow the buckle end to drag more firmly across my skin, cold and smooth metal guided across flesh and all the while you watch fascinated. The moment hangs in the air between us. Neither of us moves or speaks – I barely dare to breathe. Then from nowhere I hear the belt singing through the air and feel it land sharp across my thighs, watch as it arcs back, whip-cracking down painfully across my chest, then a third time across my hips. Your face remains impassive as you inspect the red marks you have provoked across my skin. Tracing them with your fingers, watching as the redness deepens, as the weakness and fragility of flesh displays itself to you.  Even in the smarting pain I say nothing, do not move. This is for you, this is your time, I am a spectator.

“You’re mine….” You say, leaving the words hanging, dangling in the air, a dozen possible meanings trailing behind.

You get onto the bed and straddle my thighs; I feel the softness of the flesh on your own legs against mine and long to touch and feel the smooth, velvet texture of your skin but resist, not wishing to break the spell and impose my own will, my own lust on this moment.

Taking my dick in both hands you gently begin to manipulate it watching and feeling as it begins to get harder, firmer and longer. Where have you learnt to do this?Every movement is perfect, every stroke of your fingers brings surges of tingling lust to my dick and through my entire body. As you lean forward I can see the shape of your breasts through the gap at the top of my shirt; I can see your nipples, firm and erect in the dying light and hear your soft but deepening breathing.

Leaning forward you take me in your mouth. I feel your lips come together applying pressure to the shaft of my dick, your tongue working against the head giving the perfect friction, the perfect sensation and even as I sense the first distant pre-echo of the orgasm I will soon have I feel you pressing yourself against me, hard against my thighs, squeezing your legs tightly against mine, our flesh compressed to one; melting and moulding together.

Your hands are across my chest, hungrily taking my flesh beneath your fingers. I feel your nails digging into my skin, see the deep lust in your eyes and your mouth, teeth biting your bottom lip as you take me, my body for your own, use me as your possession. Your toy.

Now so hard your touch on my dick is almost unbearable and I see you take off the shirt and in the soft, fading light your body seems like the most perfect thing that could ever be produced. Pale, soft skin; perfect and flawless a symphony of curves and softness in front of me and wanting me – impossibly, wanting me. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and you are straddling me, leaning forward to my hard, huge longing dick and slowly taking it inside you, one lust-filled inch at a time…

You gasp and sigh as you slide onto me – every inch of me filling every inch of you – and I can sense your sex gently squeezing and contracting as you get used to me being deep inside you. Still I do not move or speak and I sense that to do so would break the spell you’ve created. I’m a toy, a tool, an object and now that you’ve claimed my body with belt and your fingernails – marked me as yours, established your ownership of me you are going to use me for your pleasure, my own enjoyment strictly coincidental, an afterthought.

As you start to move I feel the perfect traction of my dick moving within you and I know I will not be able to last long before coming. Your movements become more pronounced and I see the gentle swaying of your breasts as you rise and fall in front of me. Watching their beautiful, hypnotic movement makes me even harder and I think you notice this, shooting me a knowing glance before increasing your efforts, fucking me now – we are way beyond love making – fucking me as hard and as expertly as I have ever been fucked, shaking the bed and moving the whole house on its foundations.

And now you are losing yourself I start to hear your breath, raspy and more shallow, tiny sighs and groans give way to more carnal, animal sounds, grunts and gasps in time with your movements, one hand now fingering your clit, the other playing with your right nipple.

In what seems like a matter of seconds your eyes begin to glaze, a faraway, distracted expression across your face and I know that your orgasm is close.  Determined to wait for you I make every effort to hold back my own until it feels like my dick will explode inside you but just as my restraint becomes impossible to sustain I hear you gasp loudly, rock back your head and see a shudder go through your whole body.

You feel the room seem to dissolve around you and in that moment, as the orgasm flows from your body like lava, you feel my dick grow impossibly hard and then pump and pulse hard within you. You feel the hot come spurting from it and see my head rock back, a deep, throaty moan emerging from me. You pull me close and pump me even harder, determined to drag every last drop of sensation and pleasure from our orgasms until, exhausted and spent we fall into each others arms, kissing and embracing, our bodies coming together once more in the heat and passion of what we have just experienced.

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  1. Jennysdreaming says:

    Loved this! Very intimate and sexy! Thanks for sharing ;)

    • Harper Eliot says:

      Thanks hun. Hopefully the GA will pop over here and see your lovely comment.

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