His eyes glittered – mischievous and meticulous – in the dim light. She lowered her book and looked down at him, sat at the end of their bed, between her pink toenailed feet. Their relationship was comfortable, warm, close. She didn’t worry that when she peered down at him, the angle added a line to her chin, and he wasn’t concerned by the tiny tomato sauce stain on his shirt.

“What?” She smiled crookedly, in that way he had always adored.

Raising his hand he pointed her silver bladed razor at her. She frowned, amused by the intent in his eyes.

Pulling herself up on her elbows – still grinning – she asked again, “What?” With a little more emphasis this time.

He ran one large, strong, flecked-with-black-hair hand up her thigh, and let it come to rest on her crotch, pressing against her pussy through her black leggings. She let out a low moan, but didn’t speak.

“I want to shave you.”

She giggled. It was certainly more interesting than the evening she had imagined. And, if he wanted her bare, why shouldn’t he do the work?

She arched one eyebrow seductively. “And what’s brought this on?” She queried.

Still stroking her through her leggings, he smiled. “I dreamed it.”

Minutes later, they had moved to the bathroom. It was bright, clean, all tiled white. She slipped out of her leggings and dragged her lace panties down her legs. He directed her to sit on the edge of the bath, and she perched on the lip, her legs crossed – out of habit. He was filling the basin with warm water, facing away from her. She wiggled her toes in anticipation, and looked him up and down, as she had been doing for the past four years.

He, turned, still wielding the razor, holding it balanced between his thumb and index finger. His eyes sparkled.

“Spread your legs.” He growled.

Biting her lip she looked up at him from below her heavy lids, and uncrossed her legs, slowly parting her thighs to show him her cunt. She usually trimmed, but it had been a while and the dark tendrils curled around her tight, wet hole as she exposed herself. It thrilled her, and she shivered has he kneeled down between her knees, one hand on inner her thigh, and reached for her silken pussy.

His thumb teased the pink nub of her clit as three fingers spread the wetness from her wanting cunt, over her mound, making her slick. She was silent, watching him work so intently on her most intimate parts. When she was soaked, he picked up the razor and slid it, carefully against her skin. She breathed deeply, holding still, and growing wetter by the second. The sensation was thrilling; cold steel against warm, wet flesh, all at his request and desire.

He dragged the razor across her mound, intermittently tapping it into the basin of water, before returning to the job in hand. Little by little, her creamy skin was revealed, raked clean in neat white blocks. And as he moved down, tracing her lips, edging towards her cunt, she grew wetter. The sight of him was almost more arousing than his actions. His eyes were large, dreamy and focused, lost and present. She saw him lick his lips as he pulled her labia out, holding delicately as he shaved the curls from around her sex. He worked so carefully, adoringly, avoiding the pink, inner lips of the cunt he loved so much. He pressed her thighs open wider, and dragged the blade over her once, twice, three times more, and there he sat, gazing at her exposed, bare, wet, pink sex, open and soaked for him.

As the razor left her skin, she let her breath go, and panted with need. Within seconds he had sunk his teeth into her smooth, wanton flesh.

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  1. Dalide B says:

    Ooh, very arousing! I like that he’s so careful and calculated with his moves. Makes me fantasise a bit…


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