Published by Ether Books: For a Few Dollars More

HEFAFDCYMy short story For a Few Dollars More has been published by Ether Books. Download the app, find ‘Harper Eliot’ under Authors, and the story can be yours for just 69p.

Ether Books describe themselves as a new mobile social reading platform, connecting Writers and Readers around the world. Ether publishes “made for mobile” Quick Reads straight to Smart Phones, the fastest growing digital reading device on the planet. Discover talented new and bestselling writers right from your pocket.’

I found the Ether Books team friendly, professional, and extremely helpful, and would definitely recommend that you all start using their app and – if you’re a writer – submitting your work to them.

Long time readers may remember the first part of this story which was once published here on (It Girl. Rag Doll), but this is the first time the full version has been available anywhere. For a Few Dollars More tells the story of Sally, “sixth form whore” whose customers range from her curious classmates to older, more experienced men.

Sally doesn’t meet strangers in the middle of the night, but she has met this man once before. Eric is balding and a little tired looking, tall and thin as though he has been wrung out by too much experience. But Sally doesn’t mind; he offered good money and kisses her cheek as she slides into the passenger seat of his car.

“Are you okay?” He asks, a look of slight concern on his face.

Sally flashes him a smile, straightening her grey skirt. “Peachy. And you?”

It’s not unusual for the older men to be worried about her. Sally finds it amusing that each client feels protective, as if he is any less perverse when he requests her school uniform and shyly asks that she wear her hair in bunches. She feels lucky to never have encountered much nastiness; most perverts are just bored.

Compared with my other published stories, this is much darker, and contains explicit depictions of non-consensual sex. Long time readers will be familiar with the kinds of transgression which my fiction engages, but new readers should know that this story is not for the faint of heart.

I would love to receive feedback and comments on this story, so if you read it and have something to share, please do come back and leave me a comment here. Or you can email me on harper (at) itgirlragdoll dot com.

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