Review: Advanced Clitoral Pump

The Advanced Clitoral Pump is one of those toys that does exactly what it says on the box. It has a suction cup, attached to a clitoral pump, which vibrates. All in all, it’s just what I expected.

The toy comes with two different sleeves, both simple in design and enjoyable. The suction is strong, and increases stimulation considerably, and I was pleased to discover that there are three different vibrating speeds to this toy.

However, the design is a little girlie for my tastes – pink/purple and sparkly – and, taking it out of it’s box, it does feel a bit like medical equipment. Furthermore, I found that the vibrations weren’t quite strong enough to get me off – although, bearing in mind the amount of stimulation I require, this may not be a problem for more sensitive users.

Having said that, it proved to be great foreplay, arousing and increasing sensitivity before other activity. Also, I found the suction cup to be quite enjoyable even without the vibrations.

Overall, I liked this toy, and would recommend it to anyone who simply wants more fun or more stimulation during foreplay.

If this doesn’t sound like the product for you, Eden Fantasys has a range of other clitoral pumps, or, if you’re looking for something else entirely, many other sex toys to choose from.

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2 Responses to Review: Advanced Clitoral Pump

  1. Mia Wallace says:

    A clitoral pump…? I’m intrigued!

    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      It’s exactly what it sounds like. I think. More a clitoral sucker, haha.

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