Review: Moon Shine Butt Plug

This month I opted to review another of the Eden Fantasys anal plugs. Despite being a big fan of anal play in general, I have not had many good experiences with butt plugs, and thus am always delighted when I find something that really works.

At 3.25” long – 3” of which is insertable – and only 5” around, the Moon Shine Butt Plug is relatively small. It’s made of pyrex glass and weighs 7 oz.

And it is delightful.

Readers of my reviews will know that I am a big fan of glass toys. They feel durable and have a certain quality to them that makes them seem worth much more than you (typically) pay for them. They are also, usually, quite nice to look at. Furthermore, you can heat or cool them which makes them quite versatile.

While this plug may be a little too small for true butt-loving-lovers, it’s really quite a nice little toy. Very discreet, it still made me feel a little stretched and pushed me over the (orgasm) waterfall. A circumference of 5” is neither tiny, nor huge. It is likely to push beginners a little – but probably be manageable – whilst teasing the pros.

One of those rare sex toys that does exactly what it says on the box. And it comes in a luxurious red velvet bag. What more could a little anal-loving sub want?

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