His slender hand emerged from the shadows, long tapered fingers beckoning me in. The rest of Christian was entirely hidden behind the great oak door and as I slipped inside, feeling myself enveloped in the coolness of the house, it took my eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness and make out the pale figure that had just let me in. I observed, without surprise, that he was naked. As he pushed the door shut with a great creaking bang, I was already removing my coat, pushing my gloves into the pockets, carefully pulling my hat off so as not to mess my hair. When I turned to him I saw that he was watching me with concern, but I said nothing. Now that my eyes were more used to the dim light I was able to make out the colour of the walls – deep, rich blue, – the gold edged mirror above the fireplace and the evident, unashamed arousal of my host. As we stood silently in the hallway I considered the smooth uprightness of his erection, seeing how beautiful it was and observing how it grew neither softer nor harder upon my arrival.

He turned sharply and began to stride down the hallway at such a pace that I found myself running to keep up. He lead me into a large, luxurious bedroom, decorated in the same deep blue, the light only slightly brighter. Against one wall stood a huge four poster bed covered with silk eiderdowns and great feather pillows. Under the window, from which, between the heavy curtains, came a little of the cold day’s light, Christian’s lover was draped across a velvet covered chaise lounge. He was also naked, but compared to Christian’s pale, sharp, strong body, aroused and seemingly ready to pounce, his lover was soft, his skin honey-coloured, his body curved with femininity. His eyes were open slits and I vaguely saw them follow me as I came into the room.

Christian gestured for me to go to the bed, and I did, sitting on the edge and reclining on my elbows as I watched Christian go to his lover, who looked up with adoring eyes as Christian offered his erection to his pink, puckered lips. With tender, open-mouthed kisses, his lover received him, his delicate features adapting to the pleasure of his partner. I watched, unmoving, as Christian leaned his head back breathing his enjoyment, his lover attending him with complete confidence and utter adoration.

The scene aroused in me feelings of such tenderness and sensuality that I barely noticed the dampness between my thighs until his lovers eyes fell, once again, on me. Then, all of a sudden I was made aware of my own wantonness. As his gaze ran over my body I felt my breathing pick up, the temperature of my body rising at the reality of the vision before me. I had been instructed to neither force myself upon the two men (who had their own pleasure in mind long before and above mine) nor to suppress and ignore my own arousal. Feeling the urge to touch myself, I placed one hand on my breast and ran it down my torso, ever so gently sliding down across my thigh and to the hem of my dress. Raising my skirt around my waist I exposed my silk underwear, my stockings and garter belt, feeling how my girlish prettiness paled in comparison to their strong, masculine beauty. But as I began to rub my hand over my panties, pressing myself against my fingers, I could feel the gave of his lover with more intensity and I began to relax into the enjoyment of watching and being watched.

I had known Christian for many years. As children we had played together, as adolescents we had fought, as young students we had debated, until finally he had left to find himself. I had always considered him beautiful in his pale, sombre way and had briefly entertained the idea of taking him as a lover, some year and a half after discovering such carnal pleasures. But he and I had never come to that. When he returned he had a new strength and sexuality. Casting aside the girls who had clung to him, but whom he had never allowed into his bed, he began, instead, to pursue an Adonis. This particular Adonis, the one who now glowed golden beneath the window, regarding Christian with such respect and love, had at first been elusive and arrogant, spurning Christian’s advances for months before allowing himself to be deliciously seduced, finally falling into submission. But from his position of appeasement, he was able to make requests which Christian, terrified of losing him, always fulfilled. I was one such request.

Upon his return to the city, self-assured and with the confidence of a man who has had many lovers in many places, Christian had visited me at my apartment. I received him in my kimono, thinking of him as a long lost sibling. But after some time spent reacquainting ourselves with one another, he leaned over and with one hand opened my kimono, gazing at my silk negligée with frowning curiosity. I had never been shy and so, when he asked to see me without my clothes, naked as he had never seen any woman, I happily obliged and, undressing quickly, displayed myself to him. His curiosity was not satisfied by just looking and mere moments later his hands were touching my skin, even before he asked if I would allow it. The feel of my warm flesh aroused him somewhat and although he was not very hard, he asked to feel himself inside me. I agreed, enjoying the gentle curiosity of his touch. With some difficulty he pushed inside me, moaning slightly at the new sensation. At first he moved in and out as he thought was expected of him, but I could see that taking a woman gave him no joy. So I instructed him to lie over me, still, and I began to squeeze around him, contracting my muscles to encircle his cock firmly. He grew a little harder, but his expression was one of careful consideration. He did not climax, but thanked me for sating his curiosity. Some months later upon retelling the story of this encounter during his seduction of this Adonis, his new lover’s interest in me had been piqued. Even as he spent night after night in Christian’s warm embrace, their bodies entwined, writhing in passion, Christian told me how his Adonis would awake each morning with more questions and queries about me. And finally he had requested that I be brought to him for his pleasure and so that he might finally understand the nature of Christian’s encounter with me.

When Christian had asked me to come to their house for this particular purpose I had immediately felt the excitement of this idea course through my body. It must have been evident on my face, for no sooner had I accepted the invitation then Christian was laying down his rules. He told me that he himself had no desire to touch me or have me touch him, if I was to join them I had to understand that I was there purely for the enjoyment of his lover. He told me that I was not to undress myself or involve myself in their activities unless I was invited. Despite his rules and the darkness in his expression which told me I was only being asked because he was afraid of denying any pleasure to his lover, I accepted, almost breathless at the prospect of seeing these two together.

Lying back on the silk eiderdown, one hand pressed between my thighs I could just about see the two lovers against the dim light of the window. Christian was moving with purpose, thrusting between the parted lips of his lover, who moaned ever so lightly from time to time. Closing my eyes to listen, I could feel my wetness seeping into the silk of my knickers. I longed to remove my clothes, to let my nipples, which were now so firm, feel the cold of the air in the room. Just as this longing turned to yearning turned to need I heard the rhythm of the two men cease and moments later I felt a body laying itself on the bed beside me. Dreamily turning my head towards him I opened my eyes and was greeted by the almost unfamiliar face of Christian’s lover. I had never seen him this close and was amazed by the warmth of his almond shaped eyes, his pinker than pink lips, his golden smooth skin. He was far beyond the beauty Christian had described and I felt my breath catch at the mere thought of being touched by him. I watched his fingers – which were larger and longer than Christian’s, used tenderly but clearly with the capacity for great strength – hover above my breast, preparing to take action. He paused for a moment, considering how to approach me, my body so unfamiliar in it’s femaleness. Finally he lowered his hand, gently brushing against my breast, undoing the buttons of my dress as though he were unwrapping a precious gift. I shifted slightly as he opened my dress completely, exposing my camisole, transparent enough to be able to see the brown of my nipples through the material. He ran his hand over my body, barely touching me, exploring my curves and contours with delicate fascination. Unlike Christian had, he wore an expression of lustful interest, not quite aroused by me, but by the atmosphere of the situation. Just then he groaned with great pleasure and I looked down to see Christian caressing his lover, pressing his lips against his golden brown penis, beginning to stir life in it. His lover responded by strengthening his attentions towards me, gripping my hip with force and intention, sliding his hand up under my camisole, leaving it on the smooth skin of my stomach, while the other explored my damp knickers, desperately intrigued by what lay beneath the wet silk. Slowly, respectfully, he unfastened my stockings, but left them clinging to my thighs as he pushed my underwear down. He showed no intention of letting my breasts feel the warmth of his touch except through the thin material, but as soon as my sex was exposed, naked between the soft flesh of my thighs, his hungry fingers found me and began to explore, pushing apart the pink lips to find the warm wetness of my opening. His untrained hands excited me, making me tingle against his unknowing touch. As he traced the outline of my cunt with his fingertips, I could see Christian between his legs, passionately embracing this Adonis’ sex in his mouth, licking hungrily, caressing. He drew him in and let him slide out slowly between parted lips. I wondered how he tasted, imagining how he felt as he grew harder, and warmer in Christian’s strong loving mouth. As Christian received his cock, I received his fingers, feeling how he pushed them in a little way, somewhat unsure, and then, feeling my grip around him, strengthened his resolve and pushed purposefully, deep inside me with enough force that I felt my back arch suddenly, spontaneously, my breath gone for a moment. And then, as Christian allowed him to thrust into his mouth, submitting for a moment, he began to rhythmically push his fingers into my sex, deeper each time, matching the pace of his thrusts. We were all growing breathless, feeling our pleasure rise as we moved together, every touch charging electricity through all three bodies.

Gasping, Christian broke the connection, breathing heavily. From where he lay between us I knew he must have a perfect view of his lover’s fingers enveloped in my wetness and I wondered if the sigh aroused or irritated him. Whatever the case, his lover didn’t care, and as Christian’s lips left his cock, he raised his body up and positioned himself above me, pushing my thighs apart with his knees. Seconds later he pushed himself inside me, made hard and ready by Christian, now taking me instead. But even as he began to move inside me and I squeezed around him, just as I had with Christian, I saw no true desire and passion in his expression until Christian positioned himself behind, gripping his waist firmly, as he always did, and easing himself into the small aperture. Above me they both gasped, his lover whimpering slightly as Christian took him, finally showing his true dominance. There was no softness, no tenderness to the way he took his Adonis. Whereas, caressing him to his current state of arousal, his love and gentle pleasure had been evident, now he had become carnal and rough, taking his lover like an animal, pure and lustful. As his body was racked by Christian’s thrusts, as was mine beneath him. The strength coming from these two men drove between my thighs with such intensity that I cried out, gripping the eiderdown on either side of me to brace myself against the bed. Despite the pained expression on his face as he was taken with such extreme brutality, Christian’s lover emitted sounds of pure pleasure and desire, moaning as we three moved together.

We had become one beast, growling, whimpering, moaning, gasping with desire, overwhelmed by the ferocious desire of our uppermost part. Christian ground against his lover, who ground against me, our hips so close, our bodies connected, hearts beating with the same passionate rhythm. But even as I observed how we three moved together, how we were one beast with three parts, I also saw how I was an appendage to their own love making. I had no doubt that whether I was there or not, the picture would be much the same. Christian had a fire in him that I had never observed in any man before, and his lover received him with adoring submission. I was merely there to satisfy a curiosity, and, as I had been warned, my pleasure was not in their minds. Christian’s lover approached his climax, overcome by the satisfaction he was receiving from both above and below, and Christian pushed himself to meet his lover, and I was left, nothing more than a body, there to be used, albeit willingly, but without the true release of pleasure that now shook through both of them. Above me they gasped and I felt Christian’s lover release inside me, as Christian released inside him, both shuddering and moaning, their bodies pressed against one another, connected to me only by his sex, which remained there, pumping his satisfaction inside me.

And when they were done I was left, panting, wet and used between my legs, the image of these two beautiful men above me, my own desire only sparked to life, not gratified.

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  1. Sensual Wordsmith says:

    "We had become one beast, growling, whimpering, moaning, gasping with desire".. That alone is the most poetic sentence in this very well written story.

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