#TwitterSmut (One hundred words of) – #Bud

Panting palms,
smeared across silken skin,
as eager, hungry, fumbling fingers traced the outlines of unknown muscles.
Dusty spyglass, watching near, but far,
in the corner of that cobwebbed attic,
where he laid me back,
ceremonial as sacrifice,
pure as prey.
Knickers scratched at, peeled by the sopping gusset,
from my sucking sex.
My modesty?
Extracted at once.
Where my lips were adored, fingered open,
pierced between blushing thighs.
Teeth gnashed, threatened, hissed there.
I trembled to feel the great
sting of hot breath on steel skin.
And bit at the bud, between parting flesh;
Bitten bud, bitten.

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2 Responses to #TwitterSmut (One hundred words of) – #Bud

  1. Cheeky Minx says:

    As erotic as it is beautiful, LGS…

  2. The Sensual Woman says:

    This is absolutely beautiful.

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