#WankWednesday #TwitterSmut ~ #Clear

Always, Delphic.
I battled your ambiguously blinking eyes.
You were
Opaque in your intentions.
When you fucked me, focus was vague,
Definitely not there.
So I took it away. Gave you nothing to lose.
And on the weeping floor of my bedroom,
you articulated.
It was so vivid, lucid.
“As a bell” and “crystal”.
Your desires
spilled, perspicuous,
to our sleeping space.
Then you took me.
Bound and beat me,
strapped me down,
owned me,
stretched me with forcing fingers, and fist.
You and I,
limpid and limp.
Pure pellucid perfection,
tranquil torture.
From Delphic to dominant.

Written for #WankWednesday which is hosted every week by Ruby Kiddell at The Erotic Notebook. This week’s prompt is #Clear.

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5 Responses to #WankWednesday #TwitterSmut ~ #Clear

  1. That Girl says:

    ya!!!! awesome.

  2. mollysdailykiss.com says:



  3. erikamoran says:

    Such beautiful word music – loved the alliteration

  4. jelly292 says:

    Delicious, as ever m'lady :)

  5. Cheeky Minx says:

    A tantalising and erotic word play once again, LGS…

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