White Sheets

She lies on the bed, her hands softly covering her breasts, her knees pulled together, swaying gently as she looks up at me with her big brown eyes. Her face wears an expression of nerves and dreamy lust. I smile down at her, slowly sliding onto the bed, moving above her body.

Keeping my eyes on hers I dip my head down and meet her lips, kissing her ever so softly.. just brushing my lips over hers.

She lets out a low moan as I do, closing her eyes in delight and moving her lips against mine. Seeing her enjoyment I slip inside her mouth, tasting her, sliding against her own playful tongue.

She is so beautiful, so soft, so feminine, her hair, in chocolate curls, spread around her head, her white cotton panties clinging to the curve of her hips. I’ve wanted her for so long; wanted to see her splayed across my sheets, vulnerable and eager.

I trace my fingers along her collarbone and she is immediately responsive, her skin tingling, her kiss becoming deeper. Smoothing my hand down her arm I lace my fingers with hers and bring her hand up above her head… making her more vulnerable.

Involuntarily she arches her back, pushing her chest up towards me. I smile down at her again and run my hand down her arm, cupping the curve of her breast, making her gasp.

I raise my head slightly, biting my lip and flashing her a seductive, greedy smile. Her face smiles uncertainty at me, but the movement of her hips tells me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, where she wants to be touched. Gently pinching her nipple I allow my hand to move even further down, rubbing over the curve of her stomach and slipping easily between her trembling thighs.

I can already feel her dampness through the cotton as I stroke my fingertips over the curves and contours of her cunt. She moans again, closing her eyes slowly and breathing deeply.

Kissing her, pushing my fingers against her wetness again, I push one knee between her thighs, positioning myself to rub my own, dripping pussy against her leg.

Suddenly I can hold back no longer. Pushing my hand over the waistband of her knickers my eager fingers are on her pulsing cunt, finding her hard clit and sliding along her slit.

She gasps again and I kiss her, meeting her breathy exclamations.

Curling two fingers up inside her, I begin to rhythmically fuck her tight little pussy, my own body getting hotter by the second as she writhes and moans beneath me. I slide down a little, taking her nipple in my mouth and sucking it gently.. circling my tongue as it grows harder, biting gently. A tiny yelp escapes her lips, but she puts her hand on the back of my head, keeping me there. I smile against her smooth flesh and lick her nipple greedily.

Our bodies move together, grinding hips and eager mouths searching for more… more.. intensity.

I feel her surrender to me, her cunt tightening around my fingers, her hands on my body, suddenly exploring my curves. And then she is pulling me up, kissing me again, taking the initiative. She moved her lips along my jawline and then pauses by my ear.

“I want to feel you too…” She whispers arching her hips up against my curled fingers.

I smile down at her, meeting her bitten lips again. I begin to move down her body, kissing her neck, down over her chest, lingering to suck her nipple before kissing across her stomach. I climb off her, leaning over her body to trace my tongue from her belly button downwards.

Her breathing is short and heavy now as she places her hands on my thighs and pulls my legs over her again, this time the other way, so my cunt hovers above her. As I push her knickers down, over her knees, letting her kick them off, I feel her delicate fingers exploring my pussy, dipping inside momentarily and even spreading my juices to my puckered asshole. Just then, her inexperienced fingers find my hard clit and I let out a loud moan of pleasure.

She begins to rhythmically rub my clit in small circles, gently at first then rolling it between two fingers.

Looking down I can see her pulsing, wet cunt in front of me, in desperate need of attention. While she rubs me delightfully with her eager fingers, I drop my head down between her thighs and begin to greedily lick her juices, running my tongue over her clit. I can tell it won’t take much to push her to ograsm… and when she comes, I am sure to follow closely..

Dipping my tongue inside her tight hole I taste her properly, feeling her sweet juices on my tongue, moaning as she rubs hard, finding the perfect pressure for my own arousal. Suddenly I take her clit in my mouth, sucking it eagerly, circling my tongue around, as I have done with her nipple.

I feel her body tensing and am aware of her ensuing orgasm even before she is. Her cunt grows visibly wetter and I suck harder, feeling her fingers move faster between my thighs, pushing me closer too.

Keeping my lips locked around her clit, I push two fingers deep inside her, beginning to fuck her with them again. And suddenly she is gasping and moaning, her cunt spasming with her orgasm, her body bucking, yelps of pleasure escaping her lips… she is moving more intensely until I too begin to spasm and come all over her eager hand. We move together, moaning and gasping as we come…

Before we collapse together, our hot bodies entwined, still riding the wave of our orgasms….

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4 Responses to White Sheets

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very hot writing.

  2. Lady Grinning Soul says:

    Thank you! I do enjoy it..

  3. Alice Bluegown says:

    This is very nicely written – I have only just discovered this site, and will be back for more!

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