Call for Transgression

I have written before about the importance of feedback and commenting and how strong an impact it can have upon us as writers/bloggers. So let me demonstrate…

Over the past week or so I have been considering my own writing: what I enjoy writing, where I feel most successful, and the response I get. Two recent pieces have set my mind in motion.

The response I have received for Cruor and for Slit has been overwhelming. And, quite delightfully, they are both pieces I enjoyed writing immensely. Why? Because they are transgressive. Perhaps not to the extreme, but they are not typical erotic fiction.

And this is what I truly love to write: taboo, and transgression.

So I’m starting a new project. A collection of transgressive erotic stories. I have a couple of ideas already… but I need more! I appear before you, on my knees, my eyes wide and lustful, begging you to bare your souls to me and give me your most unusual fantasies. Edit: actually, not just your fantasies. Perhaps fantasy least of all: unusual thoughts, things you’ve heard of/stumbled across. Dreams that you found unsettling. The places your mind leads you to in the streams of your consciousness. Or unconsciousness, as the case may be.

While it is almost impossible to give you examples of what I want, I can attempt to describe it: I want the thoughts that are weird. The ones you don’t tell many people, not particularly because they’re generally considered inappropriate – although I will welcome those as well – but because you can’t imagine someone else being aroused by them.

In fact, I can give one example: Outward Facing Treadmills is a fantasy I once had. I have no idea what triggered it, or why I found it hot, but I did. Once. And I doubt anyone else does.

The stories in this project are likely to be written in a tone that is dark and gritty and very realistic (with space for magic-realism) – so tales of princesses and dragons (for example) are less likely to work in this case. Although you never know!

If you have something you would like to contribute/sacrifice/rescind to me, please email me on: [email protected]

It’s important you email rather than commenting here or tweeting as I would like to keep the project as private as possible until it is complete.

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5 Responses to Call for Transgression

  1. Squeaky says:

    *goes to read Outward Facing Treadmills*
    i. cannot. WAIT. for the fruits of this project. i would pay proper, folding money to read it.

  2. Yes, THAT Tonya says:

    I have just the thing, although it is still unwritten. Erm, a couple of them, actually. What is the deadline? Will you be using these anonymously?

    • LadyGrinSoul says:

      I don’t want them written. I want ideas that I can draw inspiration from for my own writing.

      • Yes, THAT Tonya says:

        Ohhhhh, I see. Well then… let me think a bit and I will fill your ear, my lovely. :) I am full of transgressive ideas galore! ;)

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