fawn 2 [fawn] – verb (to be used with object)
1. to seek notice or favour by servile demeanour

* * *

fawn, to fawn – verb? (to be used [as] object)
One [desires] to seek notice or favour by servile demeanour

* * *

fawn to fawn – I want to be used as an object.
I seek such notice, (not favour) by servile demeanour.

* * *

I swear to, promise to
fawn, twice, fawn – verb [‘doing’ word] (to be used and used)
first to seek notice or favour by servile… demeanour?

* * *

I fawn. Over you. Fawn. – To be your verb.
(Possessed as an object. Or used with objectivity.)
Primarily, first (and foremost)
I must admit, confess, lay bare my soul,
to say that I do, shamelessly,
seek notice – I promise not favour.
But shall do so by servile submission.

Written for #FuckMeFriday which is hosted each week by Aisling Weaver. This week’s prompt is #Fawn.

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  1. Aussiescribbler says:

    Titillating and educational! :o)

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