For months, four months to be exact,
we, the two of us, together, jointly,
considered invitations, venues, musicians,
photographers, churches, flowers, groomsmen,
bridesmaids, rings, etcetera, et-fucking-cetera.
The dress was my domain; the tuxedo, his.
Easier for him in that respect, but ridiculous to
us both. The more elaborate it became,
the more ‘beautiful’, the more impressive,
the closer it was to ‘perfection’,
the less we wanted it. I was exhausted
organising the “best day of our life”.
I squicked at the words, the wearisome assumption.
“The best day of our life”? God, please, no.
Awake at night, worried about the damn orchids,
I poked his lethargic frame and called it quits.
No. More. Fucking. Circus. Wedding.
He was thrilled. Fucked me to unconsciousness,
thrusting me deep into the mattress we shared
- bought together; our first commitment.
Then, and only then, I slept. We
flew to Vegas – sans circus freaks – where
I let him fill me in the bathroom with his
white hot cum, just so I could feel it
between my legs as I walked down the
grey carpeted aisle, in my beaten jeans.
Smiling knowingly as he gazed lovingly at my
ample cleavage, we spoke our ‘holy’ nuptials, and
returning to our hotel room consummated
the shit out of our family-unfriendly elopement.
All in all, it went off without a hitch.

Written for #WankWednesday which is hosted every week by Ruby Kiddell at The Erotic Notebook. This week’s prompt is #Hitch.

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9 Responses to #Hitch

  1. pratthead says:

    lol… perfect… the way most of us wish we had done it! are you sure you haven't been married before???

  2. Amber S says:

    Very nice! Love the blend of romance + sex

  3. molly says:

    I LOVE this….I want to get married with His cum dribbling down my thigh.


  4. Elizabeth N. Spire says:

    Oh now that's what I call a good wedding! ;)

  5. Candida6 says:

    Love the flow of this. Perfect.

  6. erikasnotebook says:

    That's so wonderful. No muss, no fuss, just the two, making like bunnies and the rest of the world can go away.

  7. anglachel27 says:

    Having done the circus, this is just terrific, real perfection! Fave line: I let him fill me in the bathroom…..fuck yes!

  8. Alias says:

    Fucking brilliant!

  9. Angel says:

    awesome. I eloped, best decision I Made. Sadly the choice in groom was not.
    Loved the bathroom sex before hand :)

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