Into Ice

He devoured her,
tore flesh from bones,
left her emaciated
and cold, so cold.
He spat her onto the pavement,
but didn’t mean to.
The warm embrace,
it was a blanket for her
to close inside;
she mistook it for a white flag.
Surrender, white for white skin.
Blistered feet trod.
She missed his bites.
Teeth piercing her,
all she longed for was
his penetration.
It was so possessive.
All she was was numb,
longing to feel fragile.
“But emptiness,”
they told her, “is colder.”
Ice bit her, plucked at nipples.
She shivered,
trembled at the thought
of his tempestuous self.
The fear he instilled
- in her -
it was something to feel.
But she bowed her back,
and retreated.

He would have taken her.
If she had asked.

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