Review: Jenna’s G

This month I was sent the highly glamourous Jenna’s Velvet G (g spot vibrator) from the Club Jenna line, (as in, Jenna Jameson) to review.

Aesthetically it is rather intriguing. It is made of “super smooth Velvet Touch plastic” and feels pleasingly durable in your hand. It is a multi-speed vibrator with an easy-to-use dial. I was sent the pink one – which is lovely if you like pink – but suspect the yellow one would be even more pleasing to the eye (which might explain why it’s out of stock at the moment). It is nine inches long (eight inches of which are insertable).

The vibrations are about average – not powerful enough for all, but quite reasonable – and, for someone who likes her private masturbation, quite delightfully quiet!

The size of the “bullet” head of the vibrator, once inserted, feels quite intense, and certainly conjured a good orgasm from me. I was very satisfied with it’s ability to give pleasure.

HOWEVER, due to the size and angle of the head, this toy is not as easy to use as some g-spot vibrators. Both inserting and removing this toy caused me a certain amount of frowning. I found I had to twist and tilt it a lot to get it inside, and grit my teeth slightly to remove it. All in all, rather uncomfortable.

Having said that, the discomfort wasn’t acute enough for me to swear this toy off. I will definitely use it again, and once I get the hang of removing it, I think it will become easier. Not ideal, but it produced a rather divine orgasm, so I’m not complaining too much.

An almost perfect toy, with one big flaw.

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