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Blasphemy Call for Submissions

I am happy to announce that I have been asked by Burning Book Press to edit an anthology of erotic fiction. The topic, ‘blasphemy’, came about through a long conversation, with several authors about eighteen months ago. Since that time … Continue reading

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Eroticon 2014, Meet’n'Greet

My goodness! is it that time already? It feels as though we only just stepped off the plane from Atlanta, but apparently Eroticon 2014 is right around the corner! Third year, fourth Eroticon; you’d think I might have got the … Continue reading

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News: blogging, podcasting and getting naked for JP Rakehorn

With all these projects running around all over the place I do feel inclined to give you, dear readers, a little update from time to time; an easy digest from whence you can decide what to explore and what to … Continue reading

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Hysteria: smoke screens and censorship

As is to be expected, my twitter timeline and my blogroll are currently flooded with articles and debate on the new ISP filters (which claim to be an attempt to protect children from pornography and will be introduced in the … Continue reading

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News: Bad Porn, Novice Non-Monogamy, and Reading Digests

Like Damon Albarn and Alex Turner, I like to think of myself as having fingers in many different pies. Then again, I could just be Ado Annie – a girl who can’t say no. Either way, I have many projects … Continue reading

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Reading for Remittance Girl: Tourist

I just thought I should post to notify you darling readers that Raziel Moore – of The Erotic Writer – and I recently read a story for the Remittance Girl Podcast. Tourist is a story in four parts, two from … Continue reading

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News: Donate, Perv, & Listen

It has finally occurred to me that there might just be some people out there, in the world, who do not follow me on Twitter OR Facebook, and – moreover – that these people shouldn’t miss out just because they … Continue reading

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